Every summer Jews for Jesus takes to the streets of major U.S. cities in a concentrated program of evangelism. It’s not that we don’t do this at other times as well. Street evangelism comprises a large part of our ministry, but at Summer Campaign time, we work at it more hours of the day—and night—and with more personnel. This year we will train and equip volunteers to help us make a bold gospel statement. With their added muscle power and God’s go-power, we intend to distribute one million broadsides on the streets of New York.

We have added an exciting new dimension to this year’s Summer Witnessing Campaign. Several Israeli believers will join us in New York City for intensive street witnessing and training. We hope that these hand-picked Israelis will catch our vision for bold street outreach while they’re here and will return to Israel with a strong desire to make it work there, as well.

We’re calling this new component of our Summer Witnessing Campaign Project Nehemiah.” Just as Nehemiah brought a spiritual challenge to Jerusalem through his daring reconstruction of the walls and gates, we wish to challenge and equip those Israeli believers with our evangelistic experience. We hope they will avail themselves of these methods to reach their countrymen on the streets of Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv with the good news of the Messiah.

Another exciting aspect this year will be the timely tie-in with all of the celebrations connected with the refurbishing of New York’s famous Statue of Liberty. We are preparing gospel literature on the subject, and have even designed a special T-shirt for the occasion. We think our campaigners will enjoy wearing these, and they will undoubtedly stir some widespread interest and discussion as native New Yorkers and visiting tourists see them around town.

Below is a picture of this authentic “JFJ original” designed by Jeanne Kimmel and Delphine Louie, our talented artists. The lettering reads: “Proclaim Liberty in Yeshua, Isaiah 61:1.” THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO ORDER THEM FROM US. We just thought you’d like to see what they look like.

We hope you will be praying for our campaigners and the many whose lives they will touch this summer. To help you understand our Summer Witnessing Campaigns so you can pray more knowledgeably, we are printing just a few of last year’s most interesting experiences.