QUESTION: I belong to _________ church, which has always been known for doing evangelistic work and sending missionaries to foreign fields, but in a recent sermon my pastor said that it is our Christian duty to love the Jewish people and not try to persuade them to become Christians. When later I privately questioned that statement, he said that Jews already have a relationship with God and don’t need to be saved in the name of Christ because he saves them through the Jewish religion. Why then the need for Jewish evangelism?

ANSWER: Jews for Jesus makes it a policy never to interfere with or damage relationships between pastors and their congregations. However, in this case we must state that in light of the clear teaching of Scripture, your pastor is mistaken about there being no need for Jewish evangelism. In light of the teaching of John 14:6 and Acts 4:12 that Christ is the only way to salvation, his statement is merely wishful thinking.

I know the denomination to which your church belongs. It has several seminaries and a history of being evangelical in nature; yet this emphasis has shifted in recent years as some within the denomination have opted for dialogue with the Jews rather than evangelism. If that is the choice your pastor has made, you may soon begin to hear other statements from him that will indicate a further departure from the historic biblical faith. Listen carefully to what you hear and compare it with the Scriptures. Perhaps you will be led of God to change churches; or perhaps your church will be led to change pastors!



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