With COVID-19 restrictions eased in Sydney, our shop in Bondi Junction is once again a place to connect with the local Jewish community. One of the first things we did was give out free hand sanitizer! And thanks to your generous support, we are hosting Shabbat luncheons and dinners.

Rebekah Bronn, one of our new missionaries, says, “We want to create a comfortable place for Jewish people to consider Jesus, and what could be more comfortable than meeting around a Shabbat table for good food and conversation?”

An Israeli named Talia walked into our shop and was delighted to be invited to a Shabbat dinner. She brought two beautiful loaves of homemade challah, as well as her non-Jewish boyfriend. She was so grateful to find an event where her boyfriend could learn more about Jewish traditions. 

Abram looks forward to weekly coffee and conversation at the shop, and “loves the cozy atmosphere.” He also attends our Shabbat dinners—always bringing a delicious dish to share.

Also, one of our Messianic friends was delighted when her mother, Stella (not yet a believer), joined us for a Shabbat dinner. Now her mum is planning to cook something for the next dinner!

Shabbat events create a welcoming place to enjoy a meal, share stories, and talk about the One who offers peace and rest in the midst of the chaos of this world. Please pray for Abram, Talia, and her boyfriend, Stella, and so many more to come to know Jesus and the abundant life He offers.

Please also pray for “the regulars” who stop at our shop throughout the week. David, a Jewish man who lives across the street, has made himself quite at home there. Rebekah reports: “He comes in weekly and even helps himself to a glass of milk from our fridge! David has been visiting with us for years and has said that he believes Jesus is the Messiah. He is still sorting out his questions, and I love that we can be a place where he can come and do that.”