Tuvya Zaretsky reports from Los Angeles,

“A year ago, I asked prayer for Don, who was raised in traditional Judaism. His Jewish wife came to faith in Jesus four years ago. Don has attended Christian services with her ever since, but showed little openness to Jesus.  We celebrated New Year’s Eve at their home with friends from church. Don was clearly uncomfortable with the spiritual content of our conversation.  So, we gave him space, though he chose to sit with us as we prayed for the new year.


“A few months ago, Don attended the Christian film Overcomer with a few of us including other Messianic Jews. The film’s grace-filled message touched his heart, as had the biblical messages at our congregation. A few days after the film, Ellen noticed Don singing along during the church worship service. That afternoon, we received a text message from his wife, letting us know that Don had come to faith in Yeshua. The following Sunday, he joyfully embraced us as our new brother in Messiah.  Please pray for his growing relationship with Messiah Jesus."