January 2019 Newsletter (5779:4)

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A different kind of New Year celebration
December 13, 2018

Here’s how hospitality, sharing the gospel, and a different kind of New Year’s celebration all go hand in hand at the Washington, DC branch of Jews for Jesus.

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What you can do about anti-Semitism

One of the best ways Christians can show love for the Jewish people is to stand against anti-Semitism. Looking for practical ways to do that? Try these for starters.

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What Will Happen This Year? A New Year’s reflection
December 11, 2018

Jews for Jesus executive director writes frankly about what awaits in 2019.

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Time, teamwork, and God saves another soul!
November 8, 2018

God uses teamwork so that when hearts open and lives change, we know that it was not because of our own power of persuasion. It’s all God!

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