Please pray for

  • wisdom and creativity for Jews for Jesus as we evaluate, innovate and focus on how best to present the unchanging gospel in the midst of changing times
  • spiritual growth for new Jewish believers Jacob and Mark in Los Angeles
  • salvation for Murray (Los Angeles), Dan (Tel Aviv), Adam, Stephanie and Josh (Chicago), Lyubov, Yulia and Lyudmila (Moscow)
  • members of the religious community in Israel who responded to our flyers by promising to read Messianic prophecies, that they will truly read them and want to discuss them with our staff
  • seekers to continue attending Shabbat dinners at our Chicago branch
  • God to continue using the “tried and true” and “some things new” for His glory
  • God’s blessing on our new “next generation” trainees Max and Sheer Raev and Chaim Birnbaum (Israel) and Lizzy Cohen  (New York City)