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Lizzy Cohen

Lizzy Cohen

Lizzy Cohen was born in Boston, but says she shouldn’t be quizzed on her memories since she was only two when her family moved away. Her parents served with Jews for Jesus for twenty years, and her brother Micha serves with our Chicago branch.

Lizzy grew up in a Messianic home in the suburbs of St. Louis playing jazz music and taking as many art classes as she could manage in school. With four older siblings she says she’ll be known as “the baby” for the rest of her days. Nevertheless, she attended Missouri State University and received a B.S. in housing & interior design. After graduating, she worked with Cru, ministering to college students in Southwest Missouri. She loves to travel and meet new friends along the way. Also, Lizzy enjoys crunching fall leaves, eating pie, and helping people pick out paint colors for their homes.

Lizzy says, “Jews for Jesus has been influential during many stages of my life, so I’m excited to be working with this ministry and to be part of what God is doing in the lives of Jewish people.” Lizzy’s most recent experiences with us include two years with Massah, a discipleship/outreach journey that reaches Israeli trekkers in India.

Chaim Birnbaum

Lizzy Cohen

Chaim Birnbaum was also raised in a Messianic ministry home. The family moved to Israel when Chaim was very young and while he received Jesus at an early age, as a teen he was the “wildest” of his siblings. At age 18, Chaim repented at a youth conference and became serious about serving the Lord.

Chaim has led several youth groups, and was involved with ministry in Africa for two and a half months before beginning an internship with us. He planned and organized one of our most unique outreaches from the Moishe Rosen Center in Tel Aviv, by contacting a number of graffiti artists and inviting them to show their art at our center. Like Lizzy, Chaim served on Massah for two years, and has an older brother in our ministry. In fact, Chaim’s brother Eli leads our young adult ministry in Israel. Chaim was drawn to Jews for Jesus because of the opportunities for innovative outreach, and also because he is eager for the training he’ll receive.

Max and Sheer Raev

Lizzy Cohen

Max was born and raised in Belarus for 17 years. Sheer was born in Canada, mostly raised in Israel but lived in Mexico for a few years. They are quite an international couple!

While Max’s parents did not believe in God, they worked abroad for a year when Max was six years old, and he learned about Jesus while living with his grandparents. When his parents returned, Max moved back with them and had little to no further spiritual input for many years. After graduating from high school, Max moved to Israel on his own. He met Sheer (who was already a believer, raised in a Messianic home) during his army service. He began attending congregation, received a Bible and began reading the New Testament back on base. It didn’t take long for him to realize he needed Jesus.

The Raevs completed a training and discipleship course with Youth With a Mission Heidebeek (Netherlands) and have also served as interns with Jews for Jesus. Their experience with us includes Massah and just this past summer, they came to the United States and were both a tremendous help with Camp Gilgal.

Please remember to pray for Lizzy, Chaim, Max and Sheer as they train with us to fulfill their callings and their passion to help others know Jesus.

This content was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article.


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