When I was eighteen, I was a Halutzim participant. One of my first sorties (tract-passing expeditions) in NYC was at South Street Sea Port. Somewhat discouraged, I was silently complaining, "God, why am I here? This is a waste of time!" Just then a lady with her husband in tow came up to me and said, "This is my Jewish husband. He needs to pray to receive Jesus, but he needs to do it with you." I was in total shock as I offered him the opportunity to do just that, and he accepted! That was a turning point for me as I discovered that if we are just available, God does amazing things and we can watch!!!

A far more recent God moment came during a campaign in Israel. It was the Feast of Tabernacles and we had set up a sukkah (booth). Inside our sukkah we had a table where we placed New Testaments in many different languages. One Orthodox man came over and started ripping down the booth. He also tried to knock down the BBQ of a secular man near us (he wrongly assumed the man was with us). I was videotaping the attack and the man turned on me, hitting me in the face and grabbing the camera.

After he left, two women in full Muslim garb came over and asked, "Why did that man attack you?" We told them it was because we believe in Jesus. They asked, "Why didn’t you fight back?" We told them again, because we believe in Jesus. They asked if we had something they could read to learn more about what we believe, and they took Arabic New Testaments as a result! Later on the two secular Israelis with the BBQ each took a Hebrew New Testament! It really is worth it to share the gospel, and know that God will even use persecution to open hearts to the Good News!

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