Jews for Jesus’ new Creative Arts Discipleship and Evangelism Training program (CADET) is an intensive eight-month program for developing a community of Jewish believing artists committed to a lifestyle of biblical discipleship and Messianic witness.

This unique opportunity is designed to help a select group of people (Jewish believing artists aged 18-28) deepen their relationships with God, strengthen their sense of Jewish identity, and collaborate and refine their artistic gifts for the purpose of reaching out to Jewish people.

The idea for CADET came together during a “reimagining” session to brainstorm the future of Jews for Jesus’ music ministry, which led to our transition from the Liberated Wailing Wall to Blue Mosaic, a still relatively new musical touring team of Jews for Jesus. With so much creative energy bouncing around, the reimaginers expanded their thinking to other creative gifts and how those blessed with them can grow together to serve the Lord and bring attention to the Messiah Jesus.

As of this writing, CADET was launched just over a month ago and is still in its formative stages. We’d love you to be praying for this group of people who came together in September and who will continue to learn, explore and grow together through May.

Jeremiah Zaretsky, one of our full-time missionaries who is pioneering this program, tells about the group’s first outreach alongside our New York branch missionaries and trainees: “CADET joined the Manhattan staff as they went to Union Square on Erev Yom Kippur. The park was teeming with activity: old men playing chess, young men break dancing, and the typical array of people, some strung out on drugs and alchohol, others just hanging out. Two people in CADET had never done evangelism with Jews for Jesus before. They had a bit of apprehension about going out on the streets and talking to people. However, God really met each person on the team in a personal way.

“Rachel made a sign saying ‘Free Prayer,’ and we had one or two people available to offer prayer. By the prayer sign, the two Jeremiahs—Jeremiah Perecky and myself—played guitar and drum to attract people’s attention. Within the first five minutes a woman who did not know Jesus asked for prayer. Within an hour and a half time span, three more approached us asking for prayer. Meanwhile, two other CADET members equipped with clipboards approached people with surveys specifically designed for Yom Kippur.

“In all we spoke with about a dozen Jewish people, including two Israelis.”

As Jeremiah Z. and the team continue to experiment and grow together, interacting on a regular basis with our missionary staff in New York and other branches, your prayers will make a huge difference. Be in on the “ground floor” of this new program with your prayers and words of encouragement for CADET.