January 2011 Newsletter (5771:5)

Sneak Preview: Excerpted from the pre-published biography of Moishe Rosen
January 1, 2011

It was still foggy, but Moishe could see the halo of lights on the bridge, forming a graceful outline of the suspension cables. I’ll get to see the bridge itself on the way back, he thought, but for now I better concentrate on getting to the seminary. The commute [went] much more quickly than he’d…

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Full Circle

Growing up in Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, I had tremendous respect for the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community known as the Hasidim. Though they lived in a world apart from the rest of us, they had a tremendous impact on my early desire to know more about the God I prayed to every night, and even—indirectly—on my calling…

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Bits from the Branches

Odessa Gena Gelman reports, “We conducted a visiting campaign recently, knocking on doors of people we have not otherwise been able to see. At the end of one day, Galya (my partner for the day) and I returned to an address where no one had answered previously. Unfortunately, there was still no answer. I asked…

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First And Also
January 1, 2010

Usually we quote Bible verses in their entirety, but I’ve noticed an exception: Romans 1:16. You’ve heard the words: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.”  But how often do you hear the last nine words of this strong…

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