Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, "While speaking at a local church I met a college student who had been witnessing to a Jewish friend named Daniel. She did not give me his contact information, but I gave her my card and asked her to let him know that I would be available if he wanted to talk. Since I never heard from him I forgot about the encounter—until Daniel called to tell me that he had recently received Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

"Apparently, he misplaced my card several times, but it kept resurfacing when he was thinking about the Messianic claims of Jesus. Though he did not call, just seeing the Jews for Jesus business card had an effect, as Daniel saw the timing of its ‘popping up’ as a sign from God. Daniel is still in college, and since we now have a thriving college ministry at our Los Angeles branch, I was able to connect him with that group. Please pray for Daniel as he deals with the many challenges that face a new child of God.

"I met Barry back in 2003. He’d been wrestling with the Messianic claims of Jesus, but was not open enough at that time to dig deeper into the subject. Several months ago, I got a call from one of the Jewish believers in Jesus who attends our men’s barbeque. It turns out that he’d been ministering to Barry and wanted me to meet him. This time when I met with Barry, he was serious about getting right with God. I invited Barry to attend the evening Yom Kippur service at our Messianic congregation. After the service, several more of us sat down to answer Barry’s questions. We all praised God as Barry prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior that evening."


Richard Muller reports, "When you are reaching out to Jewish people, the results seem few—you are always sowing, always watering, but only occasionally reaping. That’s why it is always a great joy and blessing to tell stories like the following.

"I connected with John after his wife submitted his name through our website. John’s father is Jewish, but he had little religious upbringing. When I spoke with him, he seemed very sincere in wishing to seek the truth about Jesus.

"John lives a good distance from Toronto, so we began having weekly visits over the phone, reading together through the Gospel of John. One day, I had to travel to his neck of the woods and so I had a chance to visit him in person, and we went over the gospel message of John 3:16. The following week we visited over the phone again, continuing our study in the Gospel of John. This time he was ready to receive Jesus! We prayed the sinner’s prayer together over the phone, with his wife beside him. A couple days later when I called John, I asked how he was doing. He said that he felt much lighter in spirit. He compared his experience to when he quit smoking, saying he can breathe easier. Praise the Lord!"

New York

Barry B. reports, "As part of our training, we go with seasoned Jews for Jesus missionaries to observe their visits with Jewish seekers. I went with Susan Mendelson as she visited an elderly Jewish lady called Helen. She had some great questions about Jesus. I was really moved by her determination to read the Bible, even though it was very difficult and unfamiliar to her. I left the meeting resolved to pray for her salvation."

Barry’s wife Alison reports, "I had gone along on that same visit, and the following week Barry and I returned with Susan to see Helen. This time, Susan asked me to share my story. When I was finished, she asked Helen a few questions to make sure that she’d understood what I was saying. Susan then remarked that perhaps at some point Helen would want to pray for Jesus to come into her life as I had done. Helen said that she would like to pray right there! Barry led her in the prayer—it was such a privilege and honor to be there when Helen entered the kingdom of God!"