Our upcoming Behold Your God campaign is in Miami.

Over 110,000 Jewish people live in Miami-Dade county! The Jewish population there is a mixture of Russian, Israeli, Latin American and many many retired Jews from the Northeast.

Winter is high season for South Florida so there are many activities. For example, the Coconut Grove Art Festival (February 19-20) draws almost one million people to see artists from every walk of life. We look forward to greeting people at these events with a smile and a gospel broadside, but we will also have some events of our own.

We plan to show our evangelistic film Forbidden Peace on the campuses of the University of Miami and Florida International University; we will also be going door-to-door, cold-calling, sending out a huge evangelistic mailing, and meeting one-on-one with Jewish people.

It is difficult to find volunteers who can give an entire month of their time, particularly in February. Our campaign leaders have divided the campaign so that we can have two groups of people in two-week segments, each with their own training. For dates and prayer requests, please see the enclosed prayer bookmark.