Avi Snyder recently met with a Ukrainian-born Jewish believer in Jesus, a film director who has many contacts in the industry—in the United States as well as in the former USSR. He asked if that Jewish believer would be willing to help us develop a BYG media campaign in Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The director not only offered his help, but also directed Avi to a well-known producer who did one of the promotional videos for Russian President Vladimir Putin! …Her political clout might be useful to you as well,” he added. Now, that’s an understatement! Please pray that Natasha will be willing to help us. And pray for our upcoming BYG campaigns in San Francisco, San Jose, Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you know of believers who might be willing to help us reach over 60 BYG cities in the next five years, please let us know!

*The Behold Your God Picture