January 2000 Newsletter (5760:5)

It Is Well With My Soul
January 1, 2000
Topics: temptation

Mission leaders face great temptations when it comes to telling the story of the mission to friends and supporters. We want to share success stories because we know that people want and need to see how their support is making a difference. The temptation is to become...

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Israel 2000

Many of you have asked us to provide information regarding trips to Israel and especially tours led by a Jewish believer in Jesus. Lon Solomon will be leading his 12th tour in Israel this year. Lon is the senior pastor at McLean Bible Church and a long-time member of...

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Report on 1999 Prayer Prompters

We don’t have space to report on all the 1999 Prayer Prompters, but thought we would give you a sampling of what has happened with various people we’ve asked you to pray for. There is much to rejoice about and there are also some sad reports we hope you...

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A Mixed Bag

Missionary work is a mixed bag of joys and sorrows. One family to whom we have ministered in South Africa is kind of a microcosm of how the two go hand in hand. The names of the family members have been changed to protect their privacy. Beginning with the younger...

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A Parable
Author: Moishe Rosen

Some people were concerned that not enough folks were responding to the message of Christ and so they decided to form a committee. The committee then called in the experts, the consultants, the authors and all sorts of people who knew how to be successful. Everyone...

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Bits from the Branches

From Fort Lauderdale, branch leader Sharon Freeman reports, Diane Cohen and I dropped by to follow up on some of the people who had responded to our direct mail piece that offered David Brickner’s book, futureHOPE. One elderly Jewish woman named Sally invited us...

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