Praise Bits from the Branches January 1999

Many thanks to those of you who have upheld us in prayer throughout 1998. Here are some updates on last year’s requests to encourage you to continue using the Prayer Prompters in 1999:

We asked you to pray for spiritual growth for new Jewish believer Merrilyn in Australia. She has been baptized and attends church regularly.

You prayed for volunteers in the Australia work. People have begun volunteering, three of whom are potential CLIM (Co-Laborers in Messiah) candidates.

You prayed for courage for a Jewish believer named Helen in San Francisco to tell her children about her new faith. She has since had many opportunities to share her faith with her three unsaved children and teenage granddaughters.

You prayed for Dayle in Chicago to grow in her new faith and for her children to be saved. Dayle continues to read her Bible, attends church regularly and has an appetite for things of the Lord. Please continue praying that her children will be saved.

You prayed for continued growth for Jewish believer Laure and her husband in Chicago. In September, they were both baptized in Lake Michigan, and they are active in a local church. Their two teenage boys are watching this faith thing” from a distance. Please pray that they too will come to Jesus.

You prayed for Ella Libkina, Igor Barbanel, Leonid Wasserman and Leonid Kruter, who are now leading the work of Jews for Jesus in the CIS. They’ve done an excellent job leading and taking hold of evangelistic opportunities. At the end of the Decapolis outreach, the CIS team had distributed over 1.9 million broadsides and obtained names and addresses of over 4,300 Jewish people desiring more information about Jesus.

You prayed for Messiah’s Shofar and particularly for their ministry in Germany. They did a two-month tour of Germany to lay the groundwork for a Jews for Jesus outreach among the nearly 100,000 Russian-speaking Jewish people there. They met with over 80 Jewish people, 12 of whom prayed to receive Yeshua. Halfway through the tour, the team ministered and sang at a church next to one of the largest refugee centers for Russian-German and Russian-Jewish immigrants. They stayed on the grounds of the center and had two full days of divine appointments with the refugees. The first message many of the refugees heard was orientation, not to a new land but to God’s promise of eternal life.

You prayed for Avi Snyder who coordinates our outreach to Russian Jews worldwide from New York. Three Soviet-born workers in New York coordinated a special mini-campaign in Brooklyn. In those ten days of outreach, the staff and fifteen volunteers distributed over 57,000 broadsides and gathered names, addresses and phone numbers of 83 Jewish people desiring more information about Jesus. Please pray for more laborers.

You prayed for the salvation of Andrew, a Polish Jew living in Northern Ireland. Praise the Lord! He has come to faith!

You prayed for new Jewish believer Inna in Odessa to grow in her faith and to be healed. Inna received healing from the Lord, is now healthy and able to work. Her husband is opposed to her faith and has told her not to meet with Christians. Please pray for Inna to have the strength to follow Jesus despite her husband’s opposition.

You prayed for Project Joshua participants to continue reflecting on their experiences with us in Israel, and to be bold in witnessing to their friends who do not yet know Jesus. Of the fifteen students who participated, two were on our New York Witnessing Campaign, one was a counselor at our camp, three have been active in Jews for Jesus branches, two will take part in our evangelistic drama team for summer 1999, two will be on our Spring Break Outreach in March 1999 and two are considering full-time service with Jews for Jesus.

In May 1998 we asked you to pray for Trent Perkins as he begins a new phase of service with Jews for Jesus at our San Francisco Headquarters. Our Trent-of-all-trades is being mentored to take over Purple Pomegranate Productions in Spring 1999.

You prayed for new Jewish believer Renee in San Francisco. She was overwhelmed with anxiety soon after her decision for Yeshua. But after much prayer and searching the Scripture, the Lord strengthened her. She is attending a local church and spending time in fellowship with Christian friends.

You prayed for more kosher-hearted Gentiles to recognize opportunities to serve with Jews for Jesus. In the last year, our San Francisco Headquarters has been blessed with over a dozen new staff members, including the much prayed for artist Daniela; a new “web guy” Serge (see page 7), multimedia mavens (experts) Michelle and Scott; and long-awaited administrative assistants Vicki, Pamela and Deb. Yay God!

You prayed for strong roots for new Jewish believer David in Toronto. He has been baptized and is growing strong in the Lord.

You prayed for our Internet case. You may recall that the judge issued a preliminary injunction, which means that we have our domain name back at least until we go to trial. Mr..Brodsky appealed that preliminary injunction, but the judges completely rejected his argument and upheld the lower court’s ruling in our favor. As of this writing, we are still waiting for the matter to go to trial. It’s likely that the trial will take place this month.


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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