January 1998 Newsletter (5758:5)

Remember to Renew
January 1, 1998
Topics: renewal

The New Year is a milestone to mark the passing of time. It is a time to hope for the future and resolve to make changes. We also tend to think of the past—what was as well as what might have been. Some might even wish to turn back the clock. The new year may lead us...

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Test Your Yiddishkeit

NACHAS is best defined as a. Bagel chips piled high with melted cheese and salsa, as in Gimmee a large Pepsi to wash down this order of nachas” (pronounced naw chahs). b. People who are naturally talented, especially child prodigies, as in “Her children...

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Witnessing to My Class

The ‘Christians’ wrote the New Testament around the Old Testament’s prophecies!” my eighth grade teacher announced. I was speechless. I had never heard such a response to the prophecies of the Messiah and their fulfillment! I felt that the Lord...

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Introducing the New Liberated Wailing Wall

Joe Bell has been involved with our ministry since before he was a believer. You might have read about him in a past newsletter. Sharon Freeman witnessed to him in Boston and he accepted the Lord after she moved to Florida. He then called her to say, You won,...

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Announcing Lon Solomon’s 1998 Israel Tour

Lon Solomon is the senior pastor at McLean Bible Church and a long-time member of the Jews for Jesus Board of Directors. He is a Jewish believer in Jesus and this will be the 10th tour he has led in Israel. DATES: 10 Day Israel Portion – Oct 25-Nov 3, 1998 4 Day...

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Two New Lives

Bob Mendelsohn has real nachas (see page 3) from a couple of people whom he led to Christ on-line.…The best part is seeing how God is making them new people. Here are bits of their conversations: One woman (we’ll call her Ellen) says, Today I prayed to Him (I...

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A Message from Moishe: What to Expect When Sowing Gospel Seed
Author: Moishe Rosen

You would not think much of a person who decides to become a farmer, buys acres upon acres of land and then goes down to the store to ask for just a few seeds. The seed merchant asks why he is buying so little in view of the vast fields he has. Well,” says the...

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Bits from the Bagel Branches

Jewish evangelists witness to Gentiles, too! From our mobile branch,” The Liberated Wailing Wall team leader, Garrett Smith, reports, “As I was witnessing to a woman named Lynne who was cutting my hair, I recommended Chuck Colson’s book, Loving God....

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