QUESTION: On several occasions I have tried to speak to my Jewish friend about the Bible and what God requires from us, but she says that she cannot base her life on the Bible. She claims it was authored by human beings, not God, and besides, it was written too long ago to be valid for these modern times. How do I respond to that?

ANSWER: Be in prayer for your friend. Trust is related to faith, and she has a hard time exercising trust. She needs prayperation” so that she can receive what you want to show her.

As for the validity of the Scriptures, God did use humans to pen His Word. He had to use a human perspective for His word to be understood by human hearts. The Holy Spirit guarded the hearts and minds of the original Bible writers, so that there are many internal evidences of the truth of Scripture. One of the best internal evidences is fulfilled prophecy, and there is no better example of this than the messiahship of Jesus.

In addition to all the fulfilled prophecies, the Bible, though not a book of science, is always accurate where it touches upon the scientific and physical aspects of this world. For example, Isaiah wrote of the circle (roundness) of the earth (Isaiah 40:22) at a time when this was an unheard-of claim. Other books of the Bible also show more understanding of the physical nature of the world than was commonly known in ancient times, and modern archaeology is continually making new discoveries that confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible.

In addition to these points, you might tell your friend how you personally have found the Bible to be true. You might say something like, “I have found the Bible’s description of human nature more accurate than any other book written, and I have found that scriptural solutions to life’s problems are workable where all human resources and solutions have failed. I have received Christ and the Holy Spirit in the way that the Bible teaches, and I have found them to be real.”

Then put the burden of proof on your friend. Ask her what in her experience would make her doubt the integrity of the Scriptures. Has she studied them and found them to be inaccurate? Arouse her curiosity to read the Bible for herself, and then God can work in her heart through His Word.