We want you to meet an awesome volunteer who works alongside Jews for Jesus as a Trained Partner. He and others are just as much your partners as ours since you stand with us to tell Jewish people about Messiah Jesus.

Dan, who works for a car service, drives into Orthodox neighborhoods where he is sure to have Jewish customers. He even went back to school to earn a theology degree, which he says “has helped me speak in an educated manner to my passengers.” One Jewish passenger, Eliyah, asked about the degree (it’s part of Dan’s profile on the app), and Dan expected a question about the Bible. Dan says, “I was floored when he asked, ‘How do I become a Christian?’” Dan explained who Jesus is and what He did on the cross to atone for our sins. Eliyah received the Lord right then and there!

Another passenger, Rivka, asked if Dan was Jewish. He explained that he is a Christian, but that Jesus, whom Christians believe in and follow, is Jewish. Dan says, “I sensed she was searching as her questions grew deeper.” Rivka listened as Dan explained the gospel and what it means to believe in Jesus. Before dropping her off, he said, “If you receive Jesus, you can remind me of this conversation one day in heaven!” To his surprise, she said she was ready to do so. He pulled over a block away and helped her pray!”

One of our Jewish trained partners, Linda, named her dog Hadassah, knowing it could lead to conversations with her Jewish neighbors (Hadassah is Queen Esther’s Hebrew name as well as the name of an international Jewish organization). One day, as Linda was walking her dog, she saw an elderly couple on a park bench. The woman noticed the beautiful chocolate lab right away, so Linda asked, “Do you want to pet Hadassah?” The couple turned out to be Jewish, and they had a great conversation! Linda explained how she came to believe in Jesus, they exchanged phone numbers and have remained in touch. (Note: If you have a dog, be alert for opportunities that your canine companion can provide. Many people are immediately drawn to stop and chat when they see a cute dog—and are more comfortable responding if you strike up a conversation!)

Our Trained Partners find ways of reaching out to Jewish people in the course of their everyday lives, and you can too! Here are some ideas:

  • Ask open-ended questions so others know that you are interested in their lives and their spiritual journeys.
  • Look for opportunities to sprinkle your words with God’s Word and see if people are interested enough to ask questions.
  • Be aware of Jewish holidays so that you can give appropriate greetings to Jewish people you know, or even to those you happen to meet unexpectedly.

There’s so much more we’d love to share with you about reaching out to Jewish people, so let us ask you a question:

Are You Interested in Becoming a Trained Partner?

God willing, our next course for potential participants in this program will be held from May 31–June 7, 2021, on the Chicago, Illinois campus of Moody Bible Institute. We will be teaching the best of what we’ve learned on such topics as:

  • How to have an engaging gospel conversation
  • How to share your testimony
  • How to lead someone to Jesus
  • How to understand and answer Jewish objections to the gospel

The best part is that just about everything you learn will help you witness to anyone you meet, Jewish or not! And you can take the training even if you are not ready to commit to being a regular volunteer! Please email Carolyne Rohrig, our Trained Partner Coordinator, for more details: carolyne.rohrig@jewsforjesus.org.