altJacqui Meyer reports from Phoenix, “I certified my Shih-Tzu, Ginger, as a therapy dog in 2018, and I began to wonder if she might be a bridge into the community of elder care facilities, many of which have a high percentage of Jewish residents.  I prayerfully applied to one retirement home, and we started visits this past April.

“Ginger was an instant hit! Eyes brightened as we stopped to schmooze with residents, listen to their life stories, and let Ginger love on them. That very first week, I was delighted to meet Sarah, a Jewish believer in Jesus. She told me about her faith in Jesus and her heart’s desire for other residents to know His love.  I suggested we start a Bible study and she could invite her friends. A month later, I began a study on Messianic prophecy with Sarah and her friend Elaine.

“Elaine knew very little about the Jewish Scriptures and was excited to look into the Bible.  Week by week, she became more and more convinced that the prophecies were talking about Jesus.  But it wasn’t until we opened up to Isaiah 53 that she knew.

“Elaine looked at the passage in amazement and I asked, ‘Do you think this is talking about Jesus?’  She replied, ‘Yes, it is obvious.’  I then asked if she wanted to receive Jesus into her life.  She said, ‘Yes!’ and we prayed together for her to receive Jesus as her personal Messiah and Savior. Now she and I get to move forward in discipleship. And Ginger and I get to see who else God will put in our path!”

* Names are changed to protect privacy.