She forbade us to visit but God answered prayer!

She forbade us to visit but God answered prayer!

Victoria Negrimovskaya reports from Dnepr, “It was just before Hanukkah. Outside it was snowy and frosty, but Gena, a Jewish mother and grandmother, welcomed me to her cozy home with a warm smile.

“‘Well, once before they came from Jews for Jesus. My husband enjoyed the visit but I forbade them to return. I think this was my sin,’ she sadly reminisced. But while Gena was friendlier, she still was not interested in God. I prayed for her, and asked others to pray.

“Almost two years later I got a call from a visiting nurse who attends the local Messianic congregation. Luda has been serving Gena’s family and let me know that Gena was open to seeing me.

“After the first words of greeting, Gena said, ‘Luda says that God loves me; do you think so, too?”

“‘Yes! And you are waiting for the Messiah, aren’t you?’ I asked.

“‘No, I am not waiting.’

“‘But the Torah and the prophets say that the Messiah will save His people from their sins.’

“Gena’s eyes widened, ‘Will He?! Then I really need Him! But how do I get ready?’ Before long, at the tender age of 88, this dear soul received her Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), and experienced the joy of reconciliation with God! The light of God’s Messiah shone in yet another Jewish heart, thanks to the persistent prayers of faithful brothers and sisters. And now Gena is praying for the salvation of her children.”


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