"Bits from the Branches" give you snapshots of our ministry. We can’t measure the impact of each conversation and relationship – God alone sees people’s hearts. But we can give you a 2013 summary (as of our info in mid-December) of things we do measure.

Totals from January through December 2013


A Jews for Jesus gospel tract. More recently we have developed evangelistic cards that we now distribute almost as much as we do broadsides.

Hundreds of Sorties

A Jews for Jesus witnessing expedition to a public place.  Most of our sorties involve passing out literature and engaging in spiritual conversations, but they include other forms of outreach, such as using surveys or musical outreaches.


Seekers who give their names and enough details for us to follow up with more information about Jesus.


An all-out evangelistic effort in a specific city, for a set time (usually one to four weeks).  In 2013 we held six campaigns in New York City, Berlin, Budapest, Montreal, Moscow and Beersheva/Arad/Dimona (Israel).


One-on-one ministry with a Jewish person for the purpose of evangelism and/or discipleship. (This can occur online as well through Skype or Google Hangouts.)


Trying to reach Jewish people by phone for the purpose of sharing evangelism or discipleship.  (This can occur online as well through Skype or Google Hangouts.)

Profession of Faith

Someone prays to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9-10).


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