The Moishe Rosen Center in Tel Aviv

Evangelism happens when people who know Jesus care enough to risk reaching out to others who still need Him. Nothing can take the place of the love of God and Holy Spirit’s power to get the job done. But sometimes God supplies a bit of brick and mortar that increases our opportunities by leaps and bounds. That’s what is happening with our Moishe Rosen Center (MRC) in Israel!

This summer the newly renovated MRC opened up to the public during Lilah Levan, with an interactive art gallery, live music and, of course, refreshments to add to the welcoming atmosphere. Lilah Levan (White Night) is an Israeli festival that focuses on the arts. Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers (including the Massahniks) displayed their paintings and offered to photograph people from the community who stopped by. Small posters explaining what the Moishe Rosen Center is and how it got its name were tastefully displayed here and there. It was a great way to engage the community and let our neighbors know who we are.

More recently, we invited a painting class from a local art school to exhibit over the course of ten days. All who participated thanked us personally for allowing them to show their work at the MRC and were constantly pointing out information about the Center to their guests. One exhibitor who thanked us added, “This is a great way to show love.”

Eli and Shoshana Birnbaum  oversee the Moishe Rosen Center.

Eli reflects on the recent gallery for the art class: “As we were setting up, a few of the artists were helping us. One painter sounded a little antagonistic to our faith. I joined in the conversation, but it felt like I was banging my head against the wall. Then another artist walked over, and said, ‘Wait, wait – you are saying that Yeshua is the kippur (atonement) once and for all?” He was intrigued, and eager to hear more. He had never heard about Yeshua in a Jewish context before. The man is an accomplished artist, and has invited me to come see his shows.

This is a great way to get your message out because now you have our attention

“Another man who engaged with us about spiritual matters lives right around the corner, and we hope to continue our conversation with him.  People are noticing that we want our center to bless the surrounding community. One person said, ‘This is a great way to get your message out because now you have our attention.'”

Special events are just one aspect of ministry at the Moishe Rosen Center. We also have regular meet-ups, including a weekly breakfast and Bible study for soldiers, as well as monthly Shabbat dinners.

Eli says, “Our friend Edith, who was on Massah South America last year, brought a friend to the Rosen Center to share Shabbat dinner with us. As I shared my story with her she listened closely and, at one point, told me she was getting goose bumps! Please pray for continued opportunities to minister to her and others who share Shabbat with us, that they will come to know Yeshua.”

70 unbelievers (family and friends
of the artists) came on opening night

Shoshana adds, “Tons of people that come are not on our staff, young believers who feel free to bring their friends. It is a really great environment and some of the people have been asking if we can do it every week. [Editor: as yet, we don’t have the resources to do this.] We take care of the food, but we ask people to bring something like a drink or dessert or napkins. Eli gives a brief message at the end of the meal. Last time, I got to share my story with a young woman who came for the first time.”

Shoshana also says, “I have been conducting a cooking-and-eating get-together with Jewish believers, and some seekers, for a few months. Recently, we talked about caring more for each other’s spiritual needs, and all the girls agreed and were happy to have this as an important part of our meetings.”

The MRC also meets our need for a place where new staff as well as volunteers can be trained. Please pray with us for God’s blessing over the MRC, and all that we hope to see happen in and through it. For example, by the time this reaches you, we hope that our weekly Bible study geared primarily for seekers will be up and running. We are also looking forward to a special event to reunite with some of the people we met in India, during Massah. We will be sure to keep you posted!

Click here see more photos of our Moishe Rosen Center.

Bonus: Shoshana Birnbaum says, “It is a joy to do evangelism, share the gospel and be involved in the young people’s lives. Sometimes people ask me if I work in the field I studied. I used to say no, but actually I do. You never know how God will use something you learned. You shouldn’t be surprised to see how all things work together for those who follow him.”

Want to know what field Shoshana studied and how she’s been using it for the gospel?  Read on!


Designs for the Great Designer … a behind-the-scenes look at Shoshana Birnbaum

I was in the third year of four years of studying for an industrial design degree when I knew that God was calling me to serve Him. I was loving my classes and everything related to my studies. I was looking forward to learning more and eventually having a career in this field, but somehow, after a month on the Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign, a life of designing chairs and tables suddenly seemed to lack depth and value in the great scheme of things.

When God opened the doors for me to join the ministry I was happy with the idea of serving Him through evangelism. I really thought that I was giving up my design career. It was hard, but I really wanted to obey God and embrace what He had for me instead of insisting on carrying on with my own plans.

Little did I know how much God would use and grow my skills in design! Soon after I started my internship at the Israel branch, renovations for the new Moishe Rosen Center were under way, and I got to be part of the team for the interior design and decoration decisions.

For months we carefully chose colors, fabrics and furniture, and thought about the best ways to arrange rooms and spaces. It was such a treat to be able to use my gifts and what I’d studied to help bless so many people who are now coming to the Rosen Center to study, fellowship and reach out to others. Most important, it’s great to be able to bless those who don’t yet believe and are coming to learn more about the Messiah.

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This content was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article.


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