Micha Cohen reports: I brought a volunteer named Steve to the University of Illinois in Chicago for his first sortie (tract-passing expedition).

“Right away we met a young man named Jeff who told us that he is Jewish and wants to baptized in the name of Christ—I’ve never had a conversation start that way before! He gave his phone number so we could talk more later.

“Then a student named Rebecca told us that her sister has been involved in our camp program. Rebecca is now a nanny for an Orthodox Jewish family and wants to know how to share the gospel with them! She gave her e-mail for follow up.

“Steve and I decided to walk around a circle of benches and speak with students we passed. Many of them were willing to consider what we had to say.

“As we started walking back, I asked a man named Sam what he thought about Jesus. He too was Jewish and curious about why we believe that Jesus is the Messiah. He gave his phone number, willing to talk more later.

“I believe God was blessing Steve’s first attempt at street evangelism to get him excited about future ministry. Please pray for all of these encounters to bear good fruit. And pray for Steve who will be helping Bruce Rapp with our Phoenix outreach this month.”


Ofer reports, Tzachi and I nervously looked at the rendezvous point Avi*(Not his real name) had chosen. The ultra-orthodox seeker seemed sincerely interested in meeting, but had failed to show up for previously arranged appointments. It was obvious that Avi had chosen this desolate alley for its seclusion. We hoped it was to protect his privacy rather than to conceal an ambush! We prayed, and to our relief and joy, Avi, a middle-aged man wearing the customary ultra-religious black and white garb, appeared. He told us he had twenty minutes and asked us to explain our faith in Yeshua. We shared the gospel, including many biblical prophecies about the Messiah and their fulfillment by Yeshua.

“‘Let’s say I were to believe in Yeshua.  What would I have to do?’ Avi inquired.

“‘We are not playing games!  This is serious.  Do you believe in Yeshua or not?’ I challenged.

“”‘Yes, I believe in Yeshua,’ Avi confessed.  ‘What do I do now?’

“Tzachi explained the life of the believer beginning with repentance and continuing with fellowship and discipleship. Avi looked at us and asked, ‘Couldn’t I just believe and stay as I am?’

“Tzachi saw the expression on Avi’s face and felt compassion for him. ‘You are scared, aren’t you?’ he asked. Avi nodded.

“The twenty-minutes Avi had specified stretched to an hour! Just before he left, I offered to pray, and Avi accepted. After praying, I wrote down Scripture passages for him to study at home. Before parting, Tzachi said, ‘We would be glad to meet with you regularly to study with you. Would you like to do that?’

“Avi declined, but said that he would continue to be in touch. Please pray for this spiritually hungry, searching man who has confessed belief in Yeshua and is now counting the cost.”

San Francisco

Gotta love those shopping bags!
Sergio Danon, who leads our work in Brazil, was in San Francisco for a Jews for Jesus Council meeting in November.  When the three-day meeting ended, he wanted to buy some things to bring back to his family.  He took one of our big blue shopping bags with the letters Jews for Jesus emblazoned on it.  Sergio says, “I went to a San Francisco mall. As I shopped, I met three Jewish vendors at kiosks who were interested in the bag, wanted to chat and gave me their contact information.  Please pray for Yotam, Julia and Jacob, and another Jewish vendor who was really surprised and interested to see me walking by with the bag. He also gave me his contact information!

“So, after walking for about one and a half hours at that mall, not only was I able to buy the things for my family, but I was delighted to meet three Jewish people who listened to the gospel and were willing to hear more. Praise the Lord!”