BYG and Messianic Congregations

We have enjoyed wonderful partnerships with a number of Messianic congregations. In one case, the leader flew from Michigan to Mexico to take part in a BYG campaign. Loren Jacobs wrote:

As the leader of a Messianic congregation, my primary responsibility is caring for the people of our synagogue in metro Detroit. But as part of the people chosen to be a blessing to all the nations of the earth, it is important to have a vision for the whole world. It is important to me to set an example for the people of my congregation in reaching out beyond our borders—to serve God in some ways that won’t directly benefit us. When my brother-in-law (David Brickner) invited me to participate in Behold Your God Mexico City I saw an opportunity to do that.

At first I was concerned about my ability to communicate with the people. I learned Spanish in high school 30 years ago and have never lived in a Spanish-speaking country. But I managed to get by with my limited Spanish. Plus, quite a few Mexicans also speak some English. If I was having a problem communicating, my brothers and sisters, the other campaigners, were there to help me.

The early Messianic Jews brought the Good News to the whole world. It felt great to follow their example. It was powerful to be able to tell people in Mexico that, like the apostles, I was a Messianic Jew bringing them the same message of salvation that Jesus, also a Jew, had brought.

I came home spiritually energized. I had a renewed zeal to reach out to the Jews and Gentiles in the metro Detroit area and an increased desire to reach the whole world with the saving knowledge of Messiah.


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