February 2003 Newsletter (5763:6)

A Local Pastor’s Praise Report
February 1, 2003
Author: Roger Horwood

During the BYG campaign in Cape Town, Bosko gave his name and phone number to a Jews for Jesus missionary who was out broadsiding. Bosko is in his 30s, from the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa. He had fled the war in his country, experiencing the trauma of friends being shot dead next…

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BYG and Messianic Congregations
Author: Loren Jacobs

We have enjoyed wonderful partnerships with a number of Messianic congregations. In one case, the leader flew from Michigan to Mexico to take part in a BYG campaign. Loren Jacobs wrote: As the leader of a Messianic congregation, my primary responsibility is caring for the people of our synagogue in metro Detroit. But as part…

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Behold Your God 2002

Toulouse Fearful of family Joshua Turnil reports, Salomon lives in France, but was born and raised in Jerusalem. He gave Jonathan Bernd (another missionary) his contact information, adding, ‘I would gladly believe in Jesus if you show me in the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures) how He fulfilled the prophecies.’ I spoke to him and confirmed he…

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Portland Praise

Allen Abrahamson, one of our co-laborers, is also one of the ring leaders” of what has become our unofficial Portland branch. A group of BYG campaigners from the area have continued to fellowship with one another and have regular evangelistic outreaches. Four months after the Portland campaign we received this report: “While on a sortie…

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While it is Jews for Jesus’ mission to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue we get lots of help from the secular and even the Jewish media. This is particularly true during or just before our Behold Your God campaigns. In 2002, at least 50 articles in Jewish newspapers mentioned Jews for Jesus…

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