February 2001 Newsletter (5761:6)

Hope for the Land of Israel?
February 1, 2001

Newspaper headlines continue to scream out stories of violence in the Middle East. Television news reports flash images of bloodshed that stains the Holy Land. Israel is a womb of disharmony wherein borders and nationalities seem to cause battle after battle. And yet the ultimate conflict in the Middle East is religious. The Jewish and…

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Irina Volodarskaya is a young Jewish believer from Kiev who has helped out as both a literary and oral translator from English into Russian. A few of the recent Davar” publications were her handiwork, and she most recently served as one of the translators at the School of the Messengers in Germany. I’ve hoped that…

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For Such a Time…
Author: Miriam A

For I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes

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Halutzim Reflections

It was a rainy summer day in Times Square, New York. I’d had a 15-minute conversation/argument with a young Jewish guy named Andy. It left me discouraged, but not hopeless. A few minutes later another Jewish man literally ran into me. I was even more discouraged! But I prayed for strength and kept handing out…

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Israel, My Love

In 1973 I was thunderstruck by my first trip to the Holy Land. What an amazing, edifying and spiritual experience that was! I immediately wrote the book Israel, My Love and subsequently composed an album by that same title. In September I took my 66th tour of the Holy Land, if I’m counting right. In…

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Tragedy: An Occasion for Victory
Author: Moishe Rosen

Various holidays and occasions often sharpen the pain of loss. Yet tragedy can be an occasion for victory. This is a hard word, a difficult message and yet it can bring hope to widows, widowers, those who have recently lost a loved one, or those who are keeping watch over someone who is about to…

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Bits from the Branches

Israel Miriam Abramov reports, Max came to our home to fix our personal computer, but God had another repair in mind. Shlomy [Miriam’s husband] spoke with Max for two hours about Yeshua—and Max prayed to receive salvation. Isn’t God great?! Max is already talking about volunteering to help us.” CIS Sergey Kulakov reports, “I tried…

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