Our Jews for Jesus branch in Moscow sent me the name of a Russian immigrant in Ashkelon (Southern Israel) who had expressed some interest in the gospel. She gladly received me when I offered to visit, and while she did not come to faith, she did invite me back for a second visit. At that time, she suggested that her friend Asa would really benefit from my message.

I went to visit Asa and her husband that very same day. Since they speak almost no Hebrew, they called a neighbor’s teenage daughter to translate my Hebrew into Russian. The visit seemed to go well but I felt restricted knowing that everything I said was being filtered through an unbeliever. I therefore told Asa that I would return with a Russian translator.

Before long I heard about a new family of Jewish believers who have recently made Aliyah (moved to Israel) from Russia. I immediately called to see if I could visit with them. It turns out that the father, Yehoshua has been a believer since 1982 and worked as a professional translator in Russia! I asked him if he would be so kind as to accompany me to visit Asa, and he agreed.

When we met, Asa explained that she had heard bits of the gospel throughout her life and she felt drawn to Yeshua. She had never given her life to Him as her understanding of the gospel was incomplete. I explained the gospel to her and we read Scriptures together. I had a Russian version of Stan Telchin’s book, Betrayed, which offers a sinner’s prayer at the end. After reading through that prayer, Asa committed her life to the Lord.

Asa is ill and in need of healing, strength and hope, so please keep her in prayer. Yehoshua will see that she gets a Russian Bible and will keep in touch with her. I hope to have contact with her husband, Michael, as well. This truly was a case where I could not have done it alone. In fact we never do it alone, do we?


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