Missionary trainee Garrett Smith was not optimistic about his visit with Nick. In previous visits, he’d found it difficult to communicate with this seventy-three-year-old Jewish man from Czechoslovakia. A speech impediment that seemed possibly connected with a stroke didn’t make it any easier to understand Nick’s broken English. Garrett questioned whether his time with Nick had been fruitful, but determined to try again. To Garrett’s great joy, the Lord granted clarity of understanding as well as speech, and Nick prayed for the forgiveness of his sin through Jesus the Messiah.

Garrett visited Nick the following week, anxious to see signs that Nick’s decision had been real. He asked if Nick remembered praying the previous week and Nick hurried to get the card he had signed (with the prayer printed on it). He told Garrett that he had continued to pray, committing his life to Jesus, every morning and evening since their last visit!