Raising The Issue

In my ministry with Jews for Jesus I have been involved in outreach ministry at Brooklyn College . Every week I stand at the same place across the street from the Hillel House, a Jewish campus organization, to hand out our gospel literature. While I am distributing these broadsides, people ask me, Why do you come back every week?”

To those who I think honestly want to know, I explain that I want to raise the issue of Jesus’ messiahship on the campus and in the minds of Jewish people, for once the issue is in the forefront and being widely discussed, it will produce many answerable questions in the hearts of seekers. I have met many such seekers on my broadsiding expeditions, and indeed the issue is being raised in their hearts.

One of them is Anna, a lovely young Jewish girl. She grew up in a fairly strict Orthodox Jewish home and still adheres to the Orthodox tenets. Yet when I first handed Anna a broadside, her curiosity was kindled. The first two weeks Anna would only take a broadside and smile at me. I would watch her as she slowly walked toward the Hillel House, reading the broadside as she went. Before entering, she would carefully put the broadside in her backpack and go in for whatever activity she had planned.

The third time I saw her, Anna asked, “How do you know Jesus was the Messiah?”

I responded by asking her a question: “If I sent you to the airport to pick up my father, how would you know who he was?”

She answered that she could know, either by holding up a sign with his name on it so that he would see it and come to her, or by my description of him. I said the sign would not be appropriate, as there could be two people with the same first and last names on a plane, but we could use the other way. Just as she could know my father by my description of him, we could know the Messiah by his description in Scripture. The following week when Anna came by, she said that she wanted to talk in more detail. However, she would not give me her name and address, as she was afraid of the consequences that any revelation of her meeting with a Jew for Jesus would bring.

I took off my coat with the identifying Jews for Jesus lettering and put it in my bag. Then we sat on a bench and talked for a few minutes. Anna asked me about the description of the Messiah. I read some passages from the Scriptures showing his genealogy and his work on earth. She wrote them down, took another broadside from me and, placing it in her book bag, went into the Hillel House for her weekly meeting.

I will be going back to Brooklyn College each week during the semester, and I hope to continue ministering to Anna. My prayer is that she will lose her fear and follow the truth and come to Christ.

Sometimes the gospel issue is also raised by others on campus. One Christian organization has taken our broadsides and posted them on their bulletin board in one of the buildings. This has caused an uproar among the Jewish students, as the organization is funded partially by the student body. The director of the Hillel Club wants to open a “dialogue” with this Christian group so that the group can see that “Judaism and Christianity are incompatible” (which we know is not true). Nevertheless, the issue is being raised and discussed.

All this is a result of our being at the campus distributing our gospel literature every week. The Apostle Paul said “…I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” As the issue of Jesus and his messiahship is being raised on the campus of Brooklyn College , I find great comfort in those words, and I know that what I am preaching is salvation to all who will accept it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ron has just completed his term as a missionary with Jews for Jesus in New York , but he will continue to help us as a well-trained, highly-valued volunteer.


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