1. Little Press: Our little press—the Multilith 1250. (We have two of these.) We use them for small jobs like cards and envelopes and 8 1/2 x 11″ letters.

2. Middle Press: Our middle-sized press—the Davidson 701P roll fed. It produces our broadsides, broadsheets and letterheads, even printing one color on both sides at the same time.

3. Big Press: Our big press—the Heidelberg KORS. This machine prints our evangelistic publication Issues and all color printing of large sheets of materials like posters. The Yeshua bus ad on page seven was produced on our Heidelberg press. (The Heidelberg has applied for retirement because of arthritic bearings.)

Bench Press

4. Our paper cutter cuts paper to proper size for special projects. It cuts large printed sheets into individual postcards and trims our booklets after they have been stapled together.

5. The inserter stuffs letters and materials into envelopes. It also “licks” and seals them and affixes postage. Pictured here is our old one, just recently replaced.

6. Our Production Department stocks broadsides and broadsheets, tracts, books, T-shirts and all the evangelistic materials we use for mailing and printing.

7. Stripping—assembling film and precisely positioning it to make plates for printing—requires a good eye and a steady hand.