February 1989 Newsletter (5749:4)

The Many Ways We Publish Glad Tidings
February 1, 1989
Author: Moishe Rosen

Our primary purpose is to communicate God’s salvation through Christ, but we hope you won’t consider this Jews for Jesus Newsletter gospel literature! We print the Newsletter as educational and inspirational material for those who already believe in Yeshua...

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Capsules of Fact About the Jewish Bible

Jewish practice places Old Testament Scripture in different order than most Christian Bible readers are accustomed to seeing. Traditionally these Scriptures are divided into three sections. They are the Law (Torah), The Prophets (N’viim) and The Writings...

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Our Publishing Needs = Your Opportunity

Because printed materials comprise the backbone of our evangelistic ministry, we want to enlarge our publishing capacity. This expansion will present opportunities for more people to serve the Lord with us. We need applicants for volunteer work and for salaried...

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Art Department
Topics: broadsides

B’Hemah B’hemah is the Hebrew word for animal” or “beast.” Our artists Terry and Patricia regard this huge process stat camera as a one-eyed monster, perhaps because it’s so big. When fully extended, the bellows is six feet long,...

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Tracts: If You Can’t Or Won’t Hand Them Out, You Can Still Use Them

Most people have little idea of how effective literature can be in a personal witness. While literature ministry is seldom complete by itself, it is a good door-opener for the gospel message. Nevertheless, some may have decided that this method of evangelism does not...

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Our Headquarters Production Department

1. Little Press: Our little press—the Multilith 1250. (We have two of these.) We use them for small jobs like cards and envelopes and 8 1/2 x 11″ letters. 2. Middle Press: Our middle-sized press—the Davidson 701P roll fed. It produces our broadsides, broadsheets...

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Have Poster, Will Travel (Another Jews for Jesus First)

Jews for Jesus is always experimenting with new media for evangelism. One of our latest ideas is ads on buses, trains and streetcars. We print four-color 11 x 28″ posters and place them as paid advertisements on public transportation vehicles in major U.S....

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Distinctives of Our Jews for Jesus Ministry

From our earliest days in Jews for Jesus, we have prayerfully and carefully incorporated certain policies and standards into our ministry. By these distinctives we maintain integrity as an organization and faithfulness to the charge entrusted to us by our praying...

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Your Jews for Jesus Missionary Dollar

SOURCES OF INCOME Individual support 74% Miscellaneous revenue* 12% Congregational offerings 8% Congregational support 6% EXPENDITURES Evangelism 77% Evangelism support 10% Administration 10% Fund raising 2% Education 1% * SALES of books, records, etc., interest,...

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