One of our Chicago staff missionaries called a local evangelical church to see if their minister of evangelism would be willing to follow up on one of our contacts, a Gentile person who was open to the gospel. It was someone we had met through handing out our gospel broadside tracts. The minister said he would be glad to follow up on our contact. Not only that, he had a contact for us. He knew a Jewish woman who was very open to the gospel, and in turn wanted to enlist our help in talking to her.

The woman had attended some services at that church and was even involved in a Bible study with the pastor’s wife. The gospel had been making sense to the lady, whom I will call Betty.” She believed very much in God, but was not yet ready to follow Yeshua as her Savior. Betty was wrestling with some questions revolving around her Jewish identity. She wondered if a Jew could believe in Jesus and still be considered a Jew. The pastor thought it might be helpful if one of our Jews for Jesus staff got in touch with Betty and by his or her story showed Betty that some Jewish people do believe in Jesus. Needless to say, we love to be that kind of helpful! I was happy to get the assignment.

I called Betty, and we set up a time to meet. Since we would not be meeting for several days, I sent her some literature to read in the meantime. Our first visit was very fruitful, because after several hours of Bible study and my recounting my own story to her, Betty prayed to receive Yeshua.

It was obvious that the Lord had been drawing Betty to himself for quite some time. He had brought a number of other believers into her life to share the good news with her. I just had the wonderful privilege of being there at the right time. Betty said that what she had needed was to be able to talk with another Jewish believer like myself. She was very grateful that the pastor had thought to bring us together.

Betty’s children are involved in youth programs at that particular church, and she herself has avidly been reading the Bible and other materials expressly written for Jewish people that our ministry was able to provide her. It has been very evident from my subsequent visits with Betty that she wants very much to grow in her new faith and learn the Bible. She has already told one of her Jewish friends about her decision to follow the Lord.

If you know people like “Betty” with whom you have been sharing the gospel and you’d like us to contact them, please don’t hesitate. Let us know. We’d be delighted to help.


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