You Helped Transform Sarah’s Life!

by Jews for Jesus | November 16 2022

God has truly answered your prayers for our ministry to women who desperately want to break free from drug addiction and prostitution in Tel Aviv. Thanks to your partnership, our “warm house” has been up and running since October 2021. With joy, we can report that several residents have professed faith in Messiah Yeshua, including Sarah.

Sarah came to the house in early 2022, and we have seen a beautiful transformation take place in her life! During our morning devotional times (a part of our daily routine in the house), she began to share and pray out loud—which encouraged others to open up and do the same. Our Mekomi team (who ministers to people on the streets of Tel Aviv) watched as Sarah began looking to her faith for strength when she felt anxious or afraid, seeking out staff members for counsel and prayer. She also began attending a local congregation regularly.

Please help me get on a straight path in the name of Jesus.

Recently Sarah prayed, “Father, I stole, I lied, and I committed prostitution. I sold drugs and betrayed others. Please help me get on a straight path in the name of Jesus.” Her humble, sincere confession was so raw and so real—everyone in the room was moved by her vulnerability and courage. Sarah has clearly dedicated her heart and mind to follow and serve her Messiah, Yeshua, and has now asked to be baptized. Please pray with us that Sarah’s faith will continue to shine brightly during this season as she enters into a discipleship process with our staff.

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