We asked you to pray for our Moscow campaign. Praise God, 100 people met their Messiah during that campaign. Fifty-one of those new believers are Jewish!

Nadya was making phone calls from our data base when a woman answered, informed Nadya that the person she asked to speak to was dead, and hung up.

Nadya says, “I felt such a pain in my heart and decided to call the woman back. When she answered the phone, I told her, ‘I pray that God may touch your heart and give you shalom. He loves you.’”

The woman, Irina, wanted to continue the conversation. Nadya says, “I was telling her the gospel, and the Holy Spirit touched her. Irina prayed with me to receive Jesus into her heart!”

That conversation was one of 96 visits that our campaigners had by phone. Besides Irina, 21 more Jewish people prayed to receive Jesus during these visits.

When God puts campaigners in just the right place at just the right time, we know God is answering your prayers and ours.

Emmanuel, a young Jewish man from Turkey, approached Paula, one of our volunteers from the US. He explained that his mother had become a believer in Jesus so he was interested. As Paula shared the gospel with Emmanuel, he was clearly familiar with the message. Paula says, “So I asked if he’d like to ask Yeshua for forgiveness of his sins—and he did.”

It’s amazing how much happened in less than two weeks, but below you can see a small glimpse of the power of prayer and partnerships at work!

  • 1,012 people gave us their contact information to hear more about Jesus:
  • 170,930 pieces of gospel literature were distributed
  • 90 people attended our final concert and, that night16 people prayed to receive Jesus, 7 of whom are Jewish.
  • 45 people attended the final campaign event, a Shabbat meeting, 21 of whom were Jewish. Half of the people were first timers. Also, two Gentiles who came prayed to receive Yeshua!