A time for thanks

A time for thanks

We love to report how God has answered your prayers for people and outreaches we’ve mentioned in our newsletter. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we want to say how grateful we are to God and to those of you who’ve interceded for these requests. Here are just a few examples of what God’s been doing.

Summer campaigns and outreaches

What a summer we had! It was a time of stepped-up evangelism in Paris, Berlin, Toronto, New York, London, the South Shore of Israel and Moscow—and the list goes on! To get the scoop on all the summer evangelism, check out “Summer Evangelism Wrap-Ups” Meanwhile, let us tell you what happened in Berlin.

Irina says, “The highlight of our campaign, for me, was they day we marched to the Brandenburg Gate for a rally, chanting ‘Jews for Jesus—Jesus for all!’ It rained just before and just after the rally—but during our time at the Brandenburg Gate, the weather was perfect. That was a real answer to prayer!

“Once we arrived, several team members gave short testimonies, each in their own language: German, Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Hungarian. Then we dispersed into the crowd to talk with people, 29 of whom gave us their contact information. We had dozens of conversations and one person prayed to receive the Lord!”

Witnessing at the Brandenburg Gate

The salvations we saw throughout the campaign were a series of divine appointments that the Lord arranged with very diverse people.

An Israeli couple from Tel Aviv, Oded** and Danya,** asked one of our campaigners, Beate, for the directions to a particular mall. She says, “I couldn’t give them directions to the mall, but I told them that Yeshua the Messiah loves them and wants to be invited into their hearts and forgive their sins. They said that they’d spoken with someone else from our team a few days earlier, and had given their contact information to find out more about Jesus. But they already seemed ready to receive Him, so we prayed together for them to do just that!”

Also from Beate, “Paschal, a slightly drunk man in his mid-20s, appeared in front of me as I was waiting for a train. He had received one of our tracts. I told him the gospel, and we prayed the sinner’s prayer together. My teammate, who lives in Berlin, made an appointment to meet with Paschal for follow-up. Paschal’s great hope is to be free of alcohol and find a way out of homelessness. I gave him the address of a Berlin church that works with homeless people.”
Avi Snyder, our European director, was talking to a nominal Christian named Fabian who, hearing Avi explain the gospel asked, “Do you really believe all that?” Avi replied, “With all my heart,” and by the end of the conversation, Fabian believed too—and prayed to receive the Lord!

God is so good! Altogether we saw 35 people saved during the Berlin campaign, including three Jewish people. 414 people gave us contact information to hear more about Jesus, including 89 who are Jewish. Please pray for the new believers to grow strong in their faith, and for God to continue His work in the hearts of those who don’t yet believe but were willing to hear more.

From the follow-up front

We asked prayer, not only for the campaigns and outreaches, but also for follow-up with people who gave us their contact information, that they would be truly open to ministry and drawn to Jesus. Here’s one answer to that prayer:

A Jewish man named Ted* stopped to talk with Carolyne, one of our campaigners, in downtown Toronto during a Pan Am Games event. She took his contact information and Andrew Barron, leader of our Canada work, called him the very next day. Andrew says,


“It was such a pleasure connecting with Ted. He was so thankful and eager to talk. He has been spiritually hungry (his words) all his life. He’s raised a family and just retired from a business he started. Though he’s had a satisfying and productive life, that spiritual hunger was always in the background. We were able to visit the next week and I gave him a New Testament. I told him to read to me John 6:35: ‘Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”’ It was hard to tell what he thought of those words, but Ted promised to read the gospel of John before we visit again.Please pray for his salvation!”

Lilly* has prayed to receive Jesus!

In September, Julia Pascoe wrote about Lilly’s mom, Leah,* a Jewish woman in her 80s who had just prayed to receive Jesus. Julia had asked prayer for Leah to grow in her faith, for healing in her legs (Leah had been unable to attend the grand opening of our new London shop) and for Leah’s daughter, Lilly, also to be saved. As of this writing, Leah’s legs are much better! But better yet, Lilly prayed with Julia to receive the Lord!

Julia reports, “I began by asking Lilly what she thought about her mom believing in Jesus.  She said, ‘Well, you can still remain Jewish and believe.’

“That was encouraging, so I continued, ‘What about you?’

“‘I believe in Him.’ Brilliant! But exactly what did she mean by it? I opened the Gospel of John, and we read from chapter 3.

“It became clear that Lilly understood the problem of sin, and her need for salvation. Her eyes widened as I talked about Yeshua as the ultimate atonement for sin. I asked if she’d ever prayed to repent and receive Jesus into her heart and she hadn’t—but wanted to.

“After praying with Lilly, I was off to visit her mom. By the time I arrived, Lilly had called to tell her the news. Which brings me to another prayer request.

“Leah’s told many people about her faith, but she hasn’t yet told her sister Tilly.*  I opened the Bible to John 1 and we read about Jesus’ followers and how the first thing they did was tell friends and family. ‘So,’ I asked her, ‘what do you think that would look like today?’”

“‘I suppose it means telling my sister.’  Leah wants to tell Tilly, but she needs prayer for God to give her the courage. We know that God answers prayer. Will you join us in asking Him to continue working in this family?”

That’s all for now. Don’t forget you can read all the summer outreach wrap-ups that we posted on RealTime, and see more photos too!

Eryn Black on this year’s New York Summer outreach

Stephen Pacht on this year’s Moscow witnessing campaign

*We understand that some do not use the Internet. Please remember, you never receive less than our usual newsletter if you can’t get the onlinextras. But since modern technology allows us to offer more than we can in print, we want to make the extras available to those who wish to take advantage.

**not their real names


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