I was blessed to participate in a recent witnessing campaign in Berlin. During the second week, I began making phone calls to Jewish people who have given us their contact information in previous years. This led to the following interactions.


Good afternoon, can I talk with Svetlana?

Yes, I am listening!

I introduced myself and explained that I am with Jews for Jesus. Svetlana was willing to talk, and during our conversation I learned that she was recovering from cancer surgery. Though she was weak, she was quite interested in hearing about my faith in God. Then suddenly she exclaimed:

Oh! My brother is calling me by Skype!

Shall I call back later? – I asked.

Instead, she switched on the speakerphone, so her brother, who lives in one of the Baltic states, could join our conversation.  We three talked about God, faith and prayer. The brother cried out, "Anatoly, you were sent by God! Come to my sister and pray for her!" So two Jewish people heard the gospel that day, thanks to the Lord and modern methods of communication!

About an hour later, I had a phone call with an elderly Jewish man who was willing for me to come visit him the following day. So the next day I arrive, and it is clear that Felix is not especially open to God, but likes to argue about Him. I listen to Felix for about 25 minutes, then we begin a dialog. He contradicts everything I say, argues, raises his voice, BUT WE CONTINUE the discussion. And I notice, a cleaning woman is quietly bustling about the house the whole time. The doors in the rooms are open, and unknown to me, she has heard the whole conversation. As I finish the visit, Felix has not changed his opinion but we part respectfully, with kind regards to each other. And just before I leave the house, the woman comes up to me and says, "Thank you, that was a very meaty talk and it was interesting to listen to you!"  Once again, the gospel has reached farther than I planned or expected. As I reflect on what happened, I pray: Let them hear. Let them think. Let them decide. Let them receive salvation.

This year’s Berlin campaigners handed out 139,190 pieces of gospel literature and received the contact information of 511 seekers, of whom 88 were Jewish. Also, 23 people prayed to receive Jesus, three of whom were Jewish.

Anatoly Emma leads our Kiev branch and took part in our Berlin campaign because many Russian-speaking Jews live in Germany.