Los Angeles

Ofer Levy reports: “Rami moved to L.A. from Israel about four years ago. I met him while at the auto mechanic, and briefly shared the gospel. When we met several weeks later, I learned that Rami is a musician about my age, and since I used to play music in Israel, we were truly able to relate. I described to him the change that occurred in my life upon coming to faith in Y’shua.

“We opened the Scriptures together, beginning with the fall of Adam and the promise of a Redeemer who would come through the seed of a woman (Genesis 3:15). As we studied Isaiah 53, Rami interacted with each verse of the prophecy. He then shared his conviction that Y’shua is indeed Israel’s Messiah. He recognized that Y’shua died for him personally, rose from the dead, and is coming again in glory. It was a long and exciting meeting, and I thank God for Rami’s salvation. The next day I gave him a copy of the Scriptures and shared more with him from the Word of God. Please pray for Rami’s growth in the Lord as we continue to meet.”


Dina Markova reports: “I met Alexandra back in Odessa, when she attended our Jews for Jesus services. There, she confessed Y’shua as her Lord and Messiah. However, she moved to Germany a long time ago. We recently met once again and I was able to talk with her daughter, Rosanna, who is now an adult. Rosanna has heard that Y’shua is Messiah since she was a girl, but had not yet taken the opportunity to reconcile with the Lord personally.  She and I talked in detail and she willingly took that step of faith to receive Y’shua as her Lord and Savior. Then it became clear that Alexandra had not yet joined a congregation of believers. I encouraged her to do so; please pray for God to bring Alexandra and Rosanna to a good congregation where they will be able to grow in faith.”


Oded Cohen reports: “We recently requested prayer for Dan,* who grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home. He was seeking to know and experience God’s love. About a week after we requested prayer for him, he prayed with me to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. However, throughout the next couple of weeks, I wasn’t able to reach him. He didn’t respond to my phone calls.

“Eventually, I spoke with him and he said, ‘I just want to read by myself and communicate with God, mostly through the Psalms.’ He doesn’t want to get together again for now, and I was careful not to pressure him. I believe that he knows the truth, but perhaps he is now counting the cost. Please remember Dan in your prayers and ask the Lord to relentlessly pursue him, like He relentlessly pursed me about fourteen years ago.

“I am so thankful that Eli’s* faith is still intact, even though he remains a secret believer in his ultra-Orthodox community. We still hope to arrange for him to be baptized some time this year.”


Volunteer Larissa K. reports, “As I did visits with Jews for Jesus, I became zealous about preaching the gospel to my Jewish school teacher, Rosa. But I could not find out her address—neither from the information bureau, nor from classmates. I began to pray and ask God for an encounter with her. God didn’t delay with His answer! As we were doing drop-in visits, we sat to rest in a street café. Then my teacher Rosa sat down at our table; isn’t it a miracle? She listened to the gospel from us and agreed to receive free literature; also, she invited us to visit her. Please pray for Rosa also to open her heart to God and receive salvation of her soul.

“While I was handing out broadsides, a man stopped near me and scrutinized our tract closely. His name was Yefim. He was Jewish and he said that he’d heard about Y’shua, but thought He was the god of Gentiles. I shared the gospel with him and Yefim agreed to receive our literature. He gave me his contact, but still stood looking at our tract. Finally, I offered him to receive Jesus and be reconciled with God, and he agreed to that right away. After the prayer, Yefim’s face became glad, he thanked me, and left. Praise the Lord!”

*Not their real names