Josh Turnil reports, Sylvie is a Jewish woman in her forties. She and her Jewish husband were married in a traditional synagogue and are raising their children as Jews. In fact, Sylvie has had little interaction with non-Jews. Then she took a summer job at a novelty shop to help out the owners, who were friends of hers. One day, a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses walked into the shop and what they said got her thinking and questioning a few things. She talked to her family about it, but they didn’t seem to find the topic too interesting. One day, Sylvie’s mother-in-law received a Jews for Jesus broadside tract. She gave it to her daughter-in-law and said, ‘You’ll like this! Maybe they have some answers for you!’  Sylvie called the number on the tract and we connected. I invited her to come to the office and she prayed to accept Christ! Pray the seed of faith grows in fertile ground and that we get a chance to minister to others in her family.”


Leonid Dolganovsky reports, “When our publication for Jewish seekers returned to me with a note saying the person was no longer at that address, I phoned to check our information. The man, Ilya, confirmed that he hadn’t received any publications from us for a long time. He was curious about what he had missed, and asked what the last issue was about. I explained that it featured an article about Jesus and about how He was mentioned in the Kabbalah.* Ilya asked me to send him a copy of that edition. When I asked Ilya who he thought Jesus was, he said he wanted to talk to me about that after reading the publication. Please pray for Ilya.”

*The article is not designed to endorse the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), but to engage those who are interested in it with the truth of Jesus.


Jeremiah Zaretsky reports, ” I was on a noon-time outreach to Williamsburg’s Hassidic Jews with Anna Marie (our Manhattan office manager who has been witnessing in the Hassidic communities for several years). She was especially hoping to connect with two people whom she has been ministering to over the last few years.

At first we walked the neighborhood praying for God to direct and lead us to those individuals who were open—whose hearts God was touching. Evangelism among Hasidic Jews requires thoughtfulness and carefulness. Approaching the wrong person or saying the wrong thing could cause a riot.

Towards the end of our time, Anna Marie stopped by to see “H,” a Hasidic Jew who she led to faith after our Behold Your God Brooklyn Campaign. As she spoke with him, I engaged with a Hasidic man across the street. Surprisingly, when I told him that I believe Jesus is our Messiah, he didn’t seem startled. In fact, we conversed for another few minutes about why I believe that Jesus is our Messiah.

I returned to the car and Anna Marie was already waiting for me—but before we went home she had to see ” F.”   ” F” had come to faith just four weeks prior to the time of this writing. He had seen an evangelistic ad in the paper by Jews for Jesus and kept it for a few years before calling the number. When he called, Anna Marie answered. She had been talking to him on the phone for four years and had finally led him to the Lord, yet they had never met in person. She called ” F” to tell him we were in the area. He described his location and Anna Marie told him the color and kind of car we were in as we headed in his direction, so he’d know what to look for. Finally Anna Marie asked, ‘Is that you by that big truck on the corner?  If that’s you …’ [she asked him to make a particular gesture that we could see.] Sure enough, he did. As we drove by him, he turned and as our eyes met his we saw him smile. I will never forget that moment. After four years of ministering to him on the phone, Anna Marie finally got to see this man’s face.

“F” has received a Hebrew New Testament and other literature from Jews for Jesus and says he can’t stop reading!  He is now encouraging us to talk to his wife about Yeshua—please pray for her to be open to the gospel.”