December 2010 Newsletter (5771:4)

Christmas Past and Present
December 1, 2010

Our print newsletter is edited well in advance, so the seasonal stories tend to be from the previous years—but be encouraged for Christmases past and know that stories just like these are presently unfolding in Jews for Jesus branches around the world! San Francisco...

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Sneak Preview: Excerpted from the yet-to-be-published biography of Moishe Rosen

Hey Rosen, where you going?”   “It’s my lunch hour,” Moishe explained, still on his way out [of Gart’s sporting goods store where he worked]. “No it’s not,” was the retort. “We’re too busy; we need you to...

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Christmas Warfare

It never ceases to amaze me how much fighting takes place over the celebration of Christmas. Legal battles about public displays of crèche or Christmas trees are fodder for the news media. One of the most bizarre examples was when Jewish comedian Jackie Mason made...

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Bits from the Branches

Paris Josh Turnil reports, Sylvie is a Jewish woman in her forties. She and her Jewish husband were married in a traditional synagogue and are raising their children as Jews. In fact, Sylvie has had little interaction with non-Jews. Then she took a summer job at a...

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