Heather Blecher reports, “Helen (not her real name) contacted our San Francisco headquarters and identified herself as a Jewish believer in Jesus. When I called and invited her to a local branch event, she told me that while she has been going to church for a few years, she still had questions she’d like to discuss with me. We met for lunch and Helen told me how she’d gone to Hebrew school and had a bat mitzvah. But for her, going to church was like ‘hearing the other half of the story that nobody ever told me.’

“As we talked, I realized that Helen was coming close to Jesus, but had not yet come to faith in Him. We discussed sin, atonement and the redemption that the Messiah brings. Helen began to cry, overwhelmed by the thought of separation from God. She admitted that she was a sinner, understood that God sent Jesus to die for her sins, and knew that He was buried and rose again. She had not ever prayed for forgiveness or to be born again. When we read from the Gospel of John, chapter 3, Helen decided it was time to pray and enter into a real relationship with God. Please pray for her to grow in faith and to be able to tell her family about her new life in Jesus.”

Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, “I met Sanford through his grandson’s wife; she’s a Christian who rededicated her life to the Lord a couple years ago and has since been praying for salvation for her husband and his family. I’ve had a special burden for Sanford, and thank God that He’s opened the door for me to share the Word of God with Sanford one-on-one in the care facility where he resides. Sanford sometimes forgets what we’ve talked about the week before, but I still minister to him whenever I can. Recently, he was rushed to the emergency room. I met with him when he was stabilized, and challenged him again with the gospel. When I reminded Sanford that he’s been living his life his way and not God’s way, he agreed. After sharing the gospel with him, I asked if he was ready to go God’s way, and he said, ‘Yes.’ Right there in the ER, Sanford called on the name of the Lord Jesus for salvation. Praise God! Please pray for the follow-up as I visit again with Sanford to disciple him.”

San Francisco

Viktor Moiseyenko reports, “The Bay Area includes many little towns not far from San Francisco. They all have their own events: festivals, concerts, exhibitions and farmer’s markets. With the re-opening of the San Francisco branch under Rob Wertheim, we’ve begun to have sorties (tractpassing expeditions) in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Los Altos and Palo Alto.

“At the San Jose Jazz Festival, a couple approached me and asked what the saying on my T-shirt meant (‘Jews for Jesus’). I gathered from their accent that Alexander and Maya were Russianspeaking Jews, and it was clear that they had never heard of us. They gave me their contact information and expressed interest in receiving our literature.

“I met with them the following week and we talked about sin, salvation and the Savior. They want to continue to study the Bible. We prayed together for the Lord to help in their marital and spiritual life. Please pray for them, and also pray for two more Jewish seekers I’ve recently met, Inna and Faina, that God will bless their first steps toward faith.”

New York

Susan Mendelson reports, “One of the women I minister to is an Israeli we met through the 2007 Summer Witnessing Campaign. She speaks mostly Hebrew, and lives and works mainly in an Orthodox environment. I’m never quite sure if we’ll be able to actually visit or for how long. Still, we have spoken several times, and I sent her a Hebrew New Testament which she enjoys reading. Please pray for ‘M,’ that she will open her heart to the Lord and receive Him, in spite of our language barrier and her challenging surroundings.”

*Hanukkiah is the traditional nine-branched hanukkah menorah