Outreach worker Dina Markova reports from the CIS, I recently took five volunteers to do a mini-campaign in the city of Illichevsk (a suburb of Odessa), where we found many people open to the gospel. We even met two Jewish believers, Igor F. and Alik P. We were so encouraged that we’re praying for more opportunities to minister to the unsaved Jewish people in Illichevsk. Please pray with us.”

Also from the CIS, outreach worker Vlad Rehovsky reports, “Three Jewish people repented—the Lord poured out His Holy Spirit in a miraculous way! Please pray for Kaidan, Zabuta and Georgi to grow in their faith!”

Garrett Smith reports from New York to San Francisco to Washington, D.C., “Much has happened in recent months! Following the Summer Witnessing Campaign, missionary Nici Meyer and I caught a flight to San Francisco. When asked for identification, she presented her Jews for Jesus ID card to an agent named Julissa. Julissa said, ‘Two days ago, I helped Moishe Rosen get a ticket and he told me about Jesus!’ Julissa is Jewish and curious about the Lord. She eagerly gave Nici her phone number. In San Francisco, I asked Nici to become my wife and she said yes! While at the jewelry store to pick out rings, our Jewish salesperson, Sandi, expressed interest in receiving more information about Jesus. And then on my flight to Washington, D.C. (where I am the new branch leader), I sat next to a man named Jake. He asked me why I was traveling to D.C. As soon as I mentioned Jews for Jesus, he started asking questions! After a while he asked, ‘Aren’t you going to offer me some literature?’ He gave me his address and we agreed to meet for coffee at a later date. Jake is a Jewish journalist with a prominent newspaper. It sure is good to know that God is with me every step of this crazy time of transition. All the glory to Him!”

Branch leader Jonathan Bernd reports from London, “Recently a Jewish woman named Sheila attended one of our holiday events and received salvation in Jesus. Please pray for her growth. Also, we did our first team sortie at University College in London. We were encouraged to meet five Jewish people on campus who were interested enough to give us their names, addresses and phone numbers to receive more information.”

Branch leader David Mishkin reports from San Francisco, “Our relocation from Berkeley to San Francisco is complete. Our new office in the small Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of San Francisco is up and running—and the Jewish community knows it! A few hours after our Jews for Jesus sign (in both Russian and English) went up, a local Russian rabbi visited us, and a few days later another rabbi came in to chat. I also received a call from The Jewish Bulletin, the weekly Jewish paper in Northern California. They wanted to interview me about our new office. The article came out the following week, was well placed, had a nice-sized picture of our Jews for Jesus sign and was also fairly objective.”

From Israel, outreach worker Moshe Shuai reports, “I had been meeting regularly with a man named Ben for six weeks when he prayed to receive salvation in Yeshua. Ben’s name means, ‘son of light,’ and now he knows the Light of the World!”

In South Africa Sammy led a Jewish woman named Sandra to the Lord—and he hasn’t even begun missionary training yet!

From New York, missionary Karol Joseph reports, “I had a first-time appointment with a dentist who immediately asked, ‘So tell me, what does a Jews for Jesus missionary do?’ As I told him about my work (with my mouth wide open), he confessed that he feared death and had questions about the Bible. When I offered him some literature, he was excited—and even more excited when I brought it to him a few days later! Please pray for Dr. W.’s* salvation.” *(Last name not given to protect privacy.)

Also from Karol: “We went out Christmas caroling Friday night after our service. We were just finishing up when three young women approached us. ‘We’re all singers; we’ll help you if you’d like,’ they said. We decided to stay for another song (‘Come All Ye Faithful’), which they harmonized beautifully. Then they walked along with us back to the subway. One asked, ‘So what is this Jews for Jesus? I’m curious.’ It turned out that all three women were Jewish! We witnessed to them for about five minutes, and though none of them was interested in further contact, it was still pretty amazing. Who knew that three Jewish women would want to sing Christmas songs with Jews for Jesus!”