Lynn Wein, a veteran missionary from our LA branch, took part in our NYC Campaign. She was thrilled to see how God orchestrated encounters with Jews and non-Jews alike. Her report illustrates one such encounter: I had just arrived for a two-hour stint of witnessing in Manhattan’s West Village. I questioned the first person I saw, ‘Can I ask you something? Who do you think Jesus is?’ The Lord’s timing was perfect: this young man (not Jewish) already suspected that Jesus died for his sins, and was ready to trust Him for salvation.”

As Lynn led this new believer named Mark in a prayer of repentance, she didn’t see the young man who stood off to the side, quietly waiting. After Lynn and Mark finished praying, he politely asked for a broadside (gospel tract), then read it from cover to cover. Lynn asked what he thought of the message, and he replied that it was “intriguing.” She asked what he thought of Jesus and he replied, “I don’t know—but I envy that guy over there,” pointing to Mark.

Ben was Jewish and had just graduated from high school. He’d thought about Jesus for several years and wondered if He might be the Messiah. Ben was not ready to believe at that moment, but he was grateful when Lynn offered to send him more information.