Small Victories Mean Big Encouragement

In Chicago, missionary Jenifer Hall was on her way to teach a one-to-one Bible study when she realized she had a dilemma: no quarters for the parking meter. She said, With time in mind, all I could do was keep driving and start praying. Well, as I pulled in front of my student’s apartment, there was a meter with time left on it—50 minutes! [A standard missionary visit is no longer than 50 minutes.] God provided for my exact need!” Often the smallest victories provide the biggest reminders that God cares for every detail of our lives and ministry.

Thanks to Our Opposition

Stephen Katz, Chief of Station in our San Francisco branch, has been meeting with Jason for almost a year. Jason recently listened to an antimissionary tape designed to prove that Jesus is not the Messiah. After hearing Stephen’s responses, Jason was surprised by the weakness and bias of the “anti-case.” He bought a copy of Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict, read all day, and committed his life to Jesus.


Karen Singer, from our San Francisco branch, had just left an apartment building following a visit when she saw three people next to our van. They were gesturing and obviously discussing the prominently displayed Jews for Jesus logo. Karen offered a quick prayer, “Please don’t let them spit on the van!” When they saw her approach the van, Tatyana, Boris and Irina greeted Karen with smiles, asking if the van belonged to her. They thought it was wonderful that in America Jewish people could believe in Jesus and still be Jewish. They explained that in Belorussia they were taught that Jews aren’t allowed to believe in Jesus. They were eager to learn more, and Karen immediately set up a visit for the following week.

In London Chief of Station Richard Harvey used his van to pick up missionary Jonathan Bernd. Jonathan was staying with his aunt, who lives in a very Jewish neighborhood. He says, “I figured out that Richard had arrived when I heard screaming from across the road.” Sure enough, one of the neighbors did not like the Jews for Jesus van much. However, an Israeli neighbor who lives practically next door came out to see what all the fuss was about. His name is Uri, and he was open to hearing more about Jesus. A week or so later, Jonathan was on a sortie (tractpassing expedition) and engaged an Israeli in conversation. Amnon turned out to be Uri’s cousin and will be moving in with him (near Jonathan’s aunt) in a few months. Jonathan hopes to have further contact with Amnon, Uri and their families.

God’s Wake Up Call

In Washington, D.C., a distressed Christian called the branch office asking that someone visit his Jewish father-in-law, Abe. Abe was in the hospital, and not merely in the hospital, but in a coma. Missionary Valerie Cymes and her husband, Jano, planned to visit him on Sunday, after church. Before they left church, they prayed with the elders that Abe would awake from the coma. Praise God, he awoke ten minutes before they arrived! Valerie and Jano spent some good time with Abe and his family. Please pray that Abe will welcome another visit and will open his eyes to the truth of Yeshua.

From the Web

We have been posting evangelistic literature, including testimonies, on the “World Wide Web” of the Internet. (See page 2.) We are getting responses from unbelieving Jewish people, but we find that our postings are also encouraging Christians around the world. We recently received this note:

I am a Gentile believer in Jesus Christ as my savior, in Hungary, Europe.

Just reading your story was so edifying for me, that I decided to write to you this letter and to ask you for a prayer for my parents. I never thought that reaching parents could be so difficult, and I almost gave up too early. Thank God for your encouragement; I will continue to pray for them. God bless you really and thank you.

An Engaging Encounter

Andrew, our Chief of Station in Johannesburg, South Africa, received an interesting phone call at home. It was a Sunday afternoon when a Shadkh’n (Jewish marriage broker) phoned saying that she’d heard that there were many lonely Jews for Jesus in South Africa. She wanted to offer her services. Andrew asked a few questions that she refused to answer, including where she had gotten his name and phone number. Finally he asked, “So—do you think Jesus is the Messiah?”

She replied, “I don’t care who the Messiah is—if I don’t make some marriages soon, I will be out of business.” We probably will not hear from this woman again—someone obviously played an unkind prank on her. We can still pray that she will discover the relationship that God has arranged for her through Jesus.