The two featured here are designed for placement in magazines and tabloids. The one with the young boy will appear in the Sunday, December 13th edition of Parade Magazine, which goes into 26 million homes. The other appeared in the popular national newspaper U.S.A. TODAY. A third ad, for newspapers, has a more comprehensive gospel message. Look for it in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and others!

It is our prayer that many will be curious to know more about why Jews are interested in Jesus, but more importantly, that they might be eager to meet the Savior themselves.

In our evangelistic ads of previous years we have offered inquirers our messianic prophecy primer, Yeshua, and it has had a good response. Now we are excited to be able to offer our newest book, Jesus for Jews. This easy-to-read paperback interweaves messianic prophecy with the absorbing accounts of fifteen Jewish people of widely varied personalities, professions and vantage points who have come to Yeshua.

We are offering the inquirer’s edition of the book for just $1.00 to those who do not yet believe and want to know more. We hope that Christians will understand that this nominal charge barely covers our postage and handling, let alone the book, and that they will be thoughtful and considerate of our costs by not filling out the coupons in the ads. Instead, Christians can purchase a trade paperback ($5.95) or a hardcover edition ($17.95) from us or their religious book store. Maybe the anti-missionaries, who seek every opportunity to harass us, will try to inundate us with $1.00 orders for the book, hoping to bankrupt the ministry.” But God can turn around even an insincere inquiry. The book is “dangerously” attractive, and its message rings true and clear.

Of course we wouldn’t mind at all going broke if we had to send one or two million sincere Jewish inquirers the book! We would spend every penny of our income to spread the Good News to unbelieving Jews (and Gentiles too) who need what only Yeshua can give them. That’s what this whole media campaign is all about—getting people to consider Yeshua!

Through these evangelistic outreach ads we have the potential for speaking to more than 100 million people this Advent season. Please pray with us for sincere inquirers. We also need to pray that there will be adequate follow-up.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that what is an “old, old story” to some of us is a new discovery to many others? As we celebrate the birth of Yeshua, we hope that more of our Jewish people will join us in discovering the greatest Jew who ever lived!