December 1987 Newsletter (5748:3)

Santa Claustrophobia
December 1, 1987
Author: Moishe Rosen

Rabbi and columnist Harold Shulweis of Encino, California calls it Santa Claustrophobia.” He writes: “For Jews, Christmas time is not quite the season to be jolly. Not that they begrudge their non-Jewish friends the joys of Christmas—but that they feel...

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Why Do We Do It?

People sometimes ask us, why do you stand on the streets passing out literature? Can’t you rely on other, more dignified methods? Jews for Jesus ministers in many ways. Tract distribution is only one way, but unless the Lord himself tells us, we will not stop...

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She Discovered She Could Be Jewish
Topics: hanukkah

Barbara is 25. She works full-time for a large financial corporation in New York City. Though zealously Jewish in identity, she never was interested in God. Her parents, Russian in life and culture, did not teach their daughter about God. Part-time attendance at a...

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A Gentile Thinks About Hanukkah
Topics: christmas
Author: Richard King

Only a few days remain until Hanukkah now. I thought, I’ve got to get some cards for my Jewish friends. But what can I get?” Certainly not the syrupy-sweet cards that use many words to say nothing. I can’t stand that kind of stuff. Then I thought of...

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The Letter

I have sought you, Silas, because you are my cousin, but more than that, we are friends, you and I. You stood at my side when I married Miriam, and I at yours when you wed Naomi. When our sons were born, we served as sandok* for one another, for the boys came so close...

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Yeshua: The Jewish Word for Salvation
Topics: salvation

In today’s society many people have names that were chosen for them because they sounded pleasant to their parents’ ears or because they represented an idea of some aesthetic significance. Out of the late sixties we have names like Moonbeam and Summit. One...

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About Christmas and Paganism

Every time we mention Christmas or Easter in this Newsletter, some of our very best friends write us a word of caution, pointing out the pagan origins of these holidays. We do not dispute the fact that there were pagan holidays at these times of year. (The very name...

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A Christmas Cryptogram

A cryptogram is a puzzle where a message is written with a scrambled alphabet. Each letter is represented by some other letter, always using the same substitutionary letter. For instance, JOHN THREE SIXTEEN” might be written: “ATRE LRBXX HOQLXXE.”...

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Have You Noticed Our Evangelistic Ads Lately?
Topics: thanksgiving

The two featured here are designed for placement in magazines and tabloids. The one with the young boy will appear in the Sunday, December 13th edition of Parade Magazine, which goes into 26 million homes. The other appeared in the popular national newspaper U.S.A....

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