December 1985 Newsletter (5746:2)

My Daddy is a Jew for Jesus
December 1, 2008

(with some help from her mother) Hello. My name is Kayla. That’s K-A-Y-L-A. Kayla means bride.” It isn’t in the Bible, but my middle name, Miriam, is. I’m five. My Mommy is helping me tell this. Her name is Melissa. I want to tell you about my Daddy. His name is Jhan. That name isn’t…

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The Genealogy of Messiah, Son of David
December 1, 1985

As we open the pages of the New Testament, the very first words we read deal with the genealogy of Yeshua. Matthew begins: The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” The Apostle goes on to present a lengthy record that spans the generations from Patriarch Abraham…

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We’re Glad You Asked

QUESTION: Someone told me that Christmas was a pagan holiday and that Christians should not celebrate on December 25, because we do not know on which day the Savior was really born. Is it a sin to partake in Christmas celebrations? ANSWER: It is never a sin to rejoice in God’s gift of salvation through…

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His Pilgrimage and Ours
Topics: christmas
Author: Moishe Rosen

There are many pleasures in having adult children. One special joy I receive from my grown daughters is that frequently they can teach me something new or give me some fresh insight. Such was the case when my younger daughter Ruth came back from her first trip to Israel. The feelings she expressed tremendously opened…

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The Christmas Oy
Author: Lyn Bond

Many people become depressed at Christmastime. Crime increases, suicide rates are higher and tempers flare. Instead of Christmas joy, we often encounter Christmas oy” (Yiddish for “woe,” as in “Oy, Vey!”). Why should this happen during supposedly the most festive and joyful season of the year? What can we, as Christians, do to combat that…

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Hanukkah Bush?
Author: Gina Moss

When I was a little girl, we often had a Christmas tree. I don’t know if any of my Jewish friends had one, but we did. it For years my mother jokingly referred to it as a Hanukkah bush,” especially around my relatives; but I knew it was a Christmas tree. My mother bought a…

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The Miracle of the New Birth
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Bette Caley

You’re so stubborn, Sonya, so stubborn!” The voice pierced through the cacophony of street sounds that filtered into my New York living quarters. A few minutes later, my Christian friend, the owner of the voice, knocked on my door. “Bette, I thought you were going to make Sonya into a Christian. That’s what Jews for…

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Two Candles

Finkelstein sat staring out of the window of his sparse one-room lower-East-side tenement. Somewhere the last rays of winter sun were painting the evening sky, but all Finkelstein could see was the grey-brown brick of an adjacent brownstone—square, plain and slitted with long, rectangular windows. It began to get dark, but Finkelstein, feeling particularly old…

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Two in One Day

Two in one day! It doesn’t happen very often that I get a chance in one day to pray with two Jewish people who want to receive Yeshua as their Messiah. Recently when it did happen, it was something to shout about. A few weeks earlier, one of our missionaries had led a young Jewish…

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