By Ofer Levy

In John 12:32, Jesus says And I, If I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.”

It is not our job to draw people to Jesus – that is God’s work – but we are called to point people to Him by lifting up His Name. “What you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops” (Matthew 10:27). This was our vision for the Jezreel Valley, and as I led our campaign in that area we wanted to make sure that the name of Yeshua was unavoidable to all the traffic passing through. As our campaigners stood holding banners that proclaimed the message of salvation, many saw and responded by calling our office.

One caller, Chovav, a middle-aged Israeli who called, later met with Tzachi and me. Before long he confessed Yeshua as his Lord and Savior and is now growing rapidly in his faith as we study the book of John together. Chovav later explained that when he saw the sign (banner) about Yeshua’s name he was drawn to it and couldn’t stop thinking about what it meant, “It was a slogan, something like ‘Na, Nach, Nachman…*’ but I had to know more about Yeshua so I called and agreed to receive the book.”

Then there was Zalman, who comes from a Yiddish-speaking background. He had been in touch with Jews for Jesus before, but had lost contact. He saw our banner while riding the bus, and afterwards renewed his contact with me. I was able to meet with him again, hand him a copy of the New Testament and minister to him.

We met many seekers during the Jezreel Valley campaign that we continue ministering to, along with the local body of believers there. But we also continue to meet with those we encountered with on previous campaigns. For example, I recently met with David from Herzliya. Since he’d last been in touch with us, David has grown more open to the gospel, and as we met to share and study the Word together he too received and confessed Yeshua as his Savior.

When handing out tracts on the streets of Tel Aviv, I met Shaul, a Yeshiva student. As we talked on the street corner he invited me to come to his Yeshiva and personally share with him about Yeshua and why I believe He’s the promised Messiah. Twice we were able to meet, and I showed him through the weekly portions of the Law and the prophets, how Yeshua is our Great High Priest and Redeemer. I thank God for that opportunity. When I came home that night, our neighbor Doron came to my doorstep and asked if I could tell him about Yeshua. We talked all night as he was eager to learn more about the gospel.

It is God who does the drawing, but we are called to make ourselves available on all fronts.

“Behold, I send you out…” (Matthew 10:16) is the constant call of an evangelist and we need to spend time with the Lord preparing for those opportunities.

-Ofer Tel Aviv

*The slogan was popularized by a particular sect of Hasidic Jews in reference to the rabbi who founded their (Breslov) movement.