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Question: My daughter, who is twenty years old, is going with a Jewish fellow she met at college. It looks like things are getting pretty serious and they’re talking about marriage. How can I best witness to him in view of the fact that she is very sensitive and wants to make sure that we do not offend him?

Answer: Your problem isn’t offending him or that he’s Jewish. Your problem is what to say to your daughter. If she is truly a Christian, she has relegated the Lord Jesus Christ to a place on the periphery of her life and put this young man in the center of her existence. Does it seem reasonable to you that a committed Christian would be willing to consider and marry a person who could not share the most important part of her life?

I don’t know how much your daughter is willing to receive from you, but I would like to tell her that one’s life partner should also be a prayer partner – one who can encourage her in the faith because he shares the faith.

I have no doubt and am quite ready to believe that the young man is a fine, noble, moral person, but for a Christian everything in life must be built on the faith.

We would be very willing to send a letter of witness* to the young man, but you need to bear witness to your own daughter and help her discover what really matters the most in life.

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