Survivor Stories” draw crowd in Portland, Oregon

Susan reports:

“The last 24 hours have been extremely exciting. During the afternoon, we put on a concert downtown in Pioneer Square. Then came the evening showing of ‘Survivor Stories’ at the Art Museum. More than 1,000 people filled the ballroom. After the video, I introduced Vera Schlamm, a Holocaust survivor with a tremendous Christian witness. We sat in chairs on stage and chatted like we were in a living room. I asked questions of Vera like, ‘If you were to meet one of your Nazi oppressors face to face today, what would you say to him?’ Vera was very articulate. Heidi, an unbelieving Jew from Seattle (whom I have been ministering to for a while), came, and she left with tears in her eyes. The next morning, I got together with Heidi for breakfast in the hotel. When Vera and Laura came in, they joined us for breakfast. Laura gave her story, and it really spoke to Heidi. Heidi left with a lot of food for thought.”

Darlene reports:

“I was witnessing to a guy on the street and asked if he had ever invited Jesus to be his Savior. He hesitated and said, ‘Maybe…but I don’t think it took.’ I asked him if there was any reason why he shouldn’t pray to receive Jesus right there on the street. He said, ‘I guess not. I guess I’ve just been waiting for the right time.’ And he prayed to receive the Lord.”

Greg reports:

“I encountered a skinhead and crypt gang member in the park. The skinhead threatened me and suggested I go far away quickly. I explained that I was a Gentile believer, shared that I was participating with Jewish believers who cared for all people, and that God loved them. They allowed me to pray for them. Their lives were not dramatically changed that day, but perhaps a seed was planted that may grow one day.”

Kristy reports:

“A soft-spoken lady who stopped to talk with me identified herself as ‘part Jewish.’ I asked if one of her parents was Jewish. ‘My mother,’ she answered, ‘but I was raised Catholic.’ It was obvious she didn’t know she could claim her Jewishness and know her Messiah in a personal way. What a privilege it was to step aside from the noise of the traffic to pray with this lady who embraced her Messiah and her Jewishness at the same time.”

Victory and opposition in Kiev, Russia

Tolik reports:

“Our campaigners feel wonderful about the fact that our opposition has finally appeared. Our statistics increased by 30% to 40%. For instance, on one day alone we made about 120 Jewish contacts and 220 Gentile contacts. And 30 people accepted Christ. Our campaigners feel victorious. However, this fact irritates our opponents, and some of them come to us drunk and threaten us. Campaigners are showing an even greater sense of humor, their conversations are ‘more alive,’ and they have come up with new ideas on how to get contacts under our opposition’s nose.”

Alla reports:

“While standing at a subway exit, I met two women who were receptive to my witnessing about Christ. I saw that their hearts were opening up and I offered to pray with them to receive Christ. So, I led the first woman in prayer while the other was listening. When we finished praying I asked the second one, ‘So, are you going to repent and receive Christ too?’ She said, ‘Yes!’ Praise God for the salvation of these two women, Maria and Hanna.”

Olga reports:

“When I was broadsiding, I saw a woman next to the metro entrance. It is usually hard to stop such people, but the woman’s face was so obviously Jewish that I could not hold back. I asked her, ‘Are you Jewish?’ She answered, ‘No.’ I told her that the Lord loves her. As soon as I said these words, she began to cry. She told me that she has a lot of problems. I suggested that she pray the sinner’s prayer, and she repeated it after me. After the prayer, she said, ‘You know, my father was Jewish.’ Please pray for Rimma.”

The “heat” is on in Tampa, Florida

Chad reports:

“I was leading a team to witness at a Judas Priest concert. We had dinner beforehand at a sandwich shop. As we were getting up to leave, we were stopped by Barry, a 43-year-old man who had recently lost his girlfriend, job and home. We were able to pray for Barry, who burst into tears and said he felt that God was going to be working in his heart. Praise the Lord for His divine appointment.”


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