The Star Wars webzine has already come and gone, but here is an excerpt from a piece that Rich Robinson wrote for the site:

I get the feeling that the Force is not very personal. I wouldn’t want to have lunch with the Force. Or go bowling with the Force. And could I tell which side of the Force I was talking to at any given time? Is it the good side or the dark side? You don’t talk to the Force, anyway. The midi-chlorians do that, except it’s not really talking and it certainly isn’t praying. It has something to do with our feelings, I think.

On the other hand, I like the idea that we can talk to God. I like the idea that God is personal. I really like the idea that He only has a good side. No guessing games if I’m talking to Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. I know where I stand with God…. You can talk to God, or pray to God, or sing to God. I don’t want my midi-chlorians—if I really have any—to do my talking for me. No, if I have something to say, I want to come right out with it.

Another reason God is better is that He gives some guidance about how to live… . And here’s another reason God is better for the Jews. God keeps us accountable. There’s right and there’s wrong. There’s sin and there’s forgiveness… We don’t need balance in the Force.” We need justice and goodness and mercy.